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Question bat-files

I am currently trying to use project64 in other apps, but to do that i need a new way of opening the roms. I know you can show a list of all your roms and stuff, or open it from the menu, but i need to open them with a bat-file. By that i mean like Steam for example, after the name and that stuff, you add for example -applaunch 13700to make it launch savage 2. I was woundering if there is a way to make this in project64? By that i mean adding something like -rom mario64.n64 or something in the command. Desperatly want to resolve this problem so i can get more use of this great software.

Thanks in advance
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If you just type the path of the emulator and the game the emulator loads the game from the specified file path.
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Damn I'm feeling stupid -.- I thought i tryed everthing like:
nothing worked. Thank you very much! Gonna try the more simpel way next time =)

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