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Default P64 Audio/Streaming Issues.

Hello P64 forums, sorry if there is already a thread about this, I did look and I couldn't find anything.

I've been using xSplit to stream some games through P64, but I've been getting no sound coming through my stream, xSplit automatically picks up audio through the windows default speakers and I just checked and although I can hear the game fine, when I go to my sound option in control panel with P64 running it shows no activity coming from P64 at all through my sound card.

Has anyone come across this before? Or know of a way to change it at all?

EDIT ~ Sorry, this was actually meant to go in the 1.6 section, I must have misclicked and not noticed.

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You should post your specs in case they may be contributing to this issue. It's difficult to diagnose the issue without:

1. more information, such as specs...


2. unless by random chance someone here has both faced and resolved the same exact issue. Which I for one can't say has been an issue lol.
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I actually figured it out, Project64 was conflicting with my soundcard audio ports and even though the sound was outputting it wasn't registering properly.

Once I switched to my onboard sound it worked perfectly.

I will remember to include specs in the future though, sorry about that.
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Thanks for the update
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