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Question Cramping My Style

I'm tired of using the keyboard and want to finally get used to using a controller. Which one should I use and should it be USB to avoid any trouble in PJ64 1.6?
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The Xbox 360 USB controller would probably give you the least trouble.
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Yeah, I use my Xbox 360 controller (wired version)
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I think you should use a plug and play Logitech or Philips or Satek USB controller, Ive used all three brands and had no problems at all...

I recommend ones the have two analogue sticks so that you may program the right analogue as the C-Buttons (kind of the way Gamecube is set up)... all it should have 4 shoulder buttons so that the top two can be L and R and the bottom left should button may be the Z button...

Alternatively you may buy an N64 official controller and attach that to the PC using a converter... (havent tested for reliability though)
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