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Exclamation Donkey Kong 64 problems

The GameFAQ doesn't list all of DK64's problems.
  • Pause menu has black background. It's supposed to be a blurred version of whatever you're seeing when you pause the game.
  • Jetpac fails to display the score! As a result, you don't know how close you are to hitting the target score, and you need to beat this game to access the final boss.
  • Wipe transitions (when using a number pad) have black background on right side. It should show where you just teleported from.

I believe the level restarting thing mentioned in the GameFAQ to be a glitch in the original game. Occasionally, the camera screws up and you end up being flung off the end of a level from a cannon or when jumping off a tree or vine. The result is a bottomless pit death (luckily you have infinite lives).
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only ever encountered polygon issue which causes the level to sometimes reset, far as i can tell it's an issue with the roms and not the emulater, but i could always be wrong.
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