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Old 28th July 2014, 09:42 AM
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Default retroben's random new gs code topic cont.

Edit: I will be adding codes into old posts marked with (2018) (or (2019) if it gets there before then) so I don't have to mix and match games in actual new posts.

Game Template;

Super Smash Bros. 64=SSB

Super Mario 64=SM64



Donkey Kong 64=DK64

Diddy Kong Racing=DKR

Conker's Bad Fur Day=CBFD

Quest 64=Q64

Gex 3=GX3

Kirby 64=K64

Mario Kart 64=MK64

Zelda Ocarina=OOT

Majora's Mask / dbg=MaM / MaMd

Paper Mario=PaM

F-Zero X=FZX

Vigilante 8=V8

GoldenEye 64= GE64


Mickey's Speedway USA=MiS

Yoshi's Story=YoS


SSB: 1,8-11,15,47,49,71-78,86,87,90,93,94,98

DK64: 1,2,8,14,21,22,44,46,47-55,62-70,78-80,82,83,85,86,90,93,100-102

CBFD: 3-5,8,15,32-34,"35",47,58,59,68,90,91,97,100,101

B-K 6-8,12,14,15,29-33,35-38,42-44,47,69,80-85,92,100,102,103

B-T: 5-8,11-14,17-30,32,"33",43,47,81,87-90,92,93,98,99,101-103

MK64: 15,47,84

SM64: 15,34,47,95

OOT: 15,38-42,50,55-61,68,70,91,100

MaM: 39,50,61,62,68,91,92,98,100

K64: 15,16

MaMd: 16

Q64: 16,17

FZX: 22,95

GX3: 22,94,95

V8: 45

GE64: 47,83

PaM: 47,71

DKR: 47,68,84,88,89,95-99

SF64: 49

MiS: 84,103

YoS: 90

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