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Old 11th July 2013, 09:44 PM
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I've finished fixing everything up using the information you specified suanyuan.
All seems to be working well, just need to implement screen capture before releasing w/ source. Thanks again.

One more question though.
In the zilmar GFX specs, DrawScreen is called by the emulator `when the emulator receives a WM_PAINT message`.
I know I can just do the BitBlt from inside UpdateScreen, or call DrawScreen() from within UpdateScreen, but so as not to make DrawScreen a null/purposeless dll export, "how" might I send a WM_PAINT message to the emulator to get it to call DrawScreen for me?

I just think it's weird that an export function would exist solely for things you could have called in-line from another function.
Surely there must be a way to get the emu to call DrawScreen for me, without me doing explicitly.
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