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Default Cannot add new cheats (

I found this Levitation code for Super Mario 64 and when I right click on the list to add a new cheat nothing happens as in nothing comes up when I right click.
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New PJ uses an arrow on the right that you click on to expand the cheat form,then you click "new cheat" to start out,otherwise it messes up for some reason due to a design flaw.
Always hit new before you try to add cheats,the other button needs to say "add new cheat" specifically to avoid an odd issue.
If you wish to edit an existing cheat (like one you just added or added before),simply highlight that cheat by clicking on its name then expand the cheat form,change the cheat as needed,and then click "update cheat" when done.

You also need to enable "remember selected cheats" in the settings in order to edit cheats.
I question several things about how PJ64's menu setup works,like requiring advanced settings to be enabled in order to toggle unlimited fps and also this cheat editing which requires that remember selected cheats which happens to default as unchecked.

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