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Default Net Play for Project64 2.1?

Hi does anyone know if there is a Net Play plug-in for Project 64 2.1. Taking that P64 2.1 is the most updated version. If anyone knows if Project 64 2.1 has a plug-in for Net Play please link me. If there is like a 2.2 homebrew with Netplay please let me know just make sure it is as up to date if not more than P64 2.1. As of right now I am on Project64KVE with Netplay already installed in this version because it was the only one that worked for me first try without asking for plug-ins but kinda buggy and PJ2.1 looks better, sounds better, and responds better. Even if there is a alternative to Net Play specifically for PJ2.1. Help, thanks!


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Sort of but not entirely.

There is a NetPlay controller plugin written to communicate with the emulator using TCP/IP instead of KailleraClient's UCP and other defficiencies, but it was tested to sync optimally with Project64 1.7, not 2.x.


And if you are using Project64KVE??
Screw that man; just use Mupen64++'s sync by okaygo.
It's basically everything he wanted until he accidentally his source code and ended up starting on Mupen64Plus instead.
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net play, netplay

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