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Default bug tracker coming

hi all. some of you may have noticed the new link on the dev menu. zilmar has been working hard to integrate mantis, which is a free open source bug tracker, into our site. the integration is not finished yet so you may not be able to see content, but i have started filling in bug info; we are starting clean with a new bug database for pj64 1.7. for those not familiar, a bug tracker is a specialised tool for managing, well, bugs & issues during software dev, it will allow us to keep current bug info tidy, make it more useful to the devs, and save time on site maintanence, hopefully! this tracker info will be visible to everyone who is a member here, but read-only to most members, at least to start with, to avoid chaos, hope you understand. don't worry if the tracker doesn't appear to work properly for the next few days as zilmar works on it. then hopefully we will have a neat organised bug tracking system with one item per bug and proper tracking tools, rather than just all grouped together in a simple page as now. thanks all, and if you have any comments on this please let us know via the private forum.
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