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Old 28th January 2015, 05:21 AM
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Default Shadows of the Empire runs too fast


I know this is an old problem, but I've searched and tried so many different things and Shadows of the Empire just runs too fast.

I d/l'd Pj64 and Shadows, started the game, fixed the flicker issue, and the game was running kind of fast for a lot of it. I manage to get a hold of it, but during the swoop bike level, the in game speed is stupid fast, I honestly can't play it because I can't control it, and the screen started to flicker, again.

I installed and configured Glide64, flicker fixed again, I read the common fixes to disable the Fixed Audio Timing for the speed thing, no luck what so ever.

I'm trying to research back into it, but what I find online is all old and not up to date info. Telling me to change settings that don't even exist.

As for specs (if it matters):
Asus RoG G51 on Windows XP SP3
Intel Core 2 duo CPU
P7350 @2.00GHz
2.00GHz, 3.00 GB of RAM

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

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