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Default High res Texture pack Banjo-Kazooie

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get this high resolution texture pack of banjo Kazooie to work, I have it downloaded, I have the latest version of p64, can someone guide me through it, I see a few tutorials but they all seem to be for older versions where I think glide wasn't supported?
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Make sure to patch Project64 to be able to load large packs.

Put the "Banjo-Kazooie" folder in the "Project64\Textures" folder if using PJGlide64.

Disable "Alternative CRC Calculation" and set "Texture Cache" to 300 MB. Select Rice Format.

I was able to load the pack without patching Project64, it took a while for the game to start. But got this error after opening/closing Glide graphics options during play.

2017/03/13 04:06:08.801 05156,Error,User Interface,WinMain,Exception caught (File: "main.cpp" Line: 87)
2017/03/13 04:06:08.871 06936,Error,Exception Handler,CMipsMemoryVM::FilterX86Exception,Invalid memory adderess: BD340000
2017/03/13 04:06:08.872 06936,Error,RSP,CN64System::RunRSP,exception generated
2017/03/13 04:06:08.872 06936,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp::FatalError,CN64System::RunRSP()
Unknown memory action

Emulation stop
Second time opening Kazooie, it loads fast from saved HIRESTEXTURES.dat. Maybe the crash is because of it saving the cache. Banjo-Kazooie_HIRESTEXTURES.dat is 391MB. No crashes now after .dat is created.

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