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Default Jet Force Gemini Kiosk Version??

So, i spent like 30 minutes setting up jet force gemini to make it 1080p, controller set up, audio perfect, everything. only to not be able to get past a certain part of the story. (on the ss Anubis velas cell is locked) and after further research i found out that the kiosk version is the demo version they would let people play in like game stop when it was new. so apparently people use this version cuz it runs better somehow.. who cares, its not the full version. so basically, does everyone have this version?? is there a way to unlock it or does it not have all the game data. and am i completely screwed unless i get another rom... i barely got this one without getting any viruses and i really dont want to have to dig in the cesspool that is rom websites.

Also, who the hell would want a demo version of a game when emulating? isn't it far better to have the full version.

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There are dumps of pretty much everything, some have dumped the kiosk version but it certainly isn't the only dump around, you just got unlucky when finding this one. Why do you suppose that people prefer to use the Kiosk version however? I doubt people would just want to play part of the game
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the first 5 results on google for "jet force gemini rom" are legit

its not a cesspool, go get your rom

also what's a virus? didn't know the year was still 1996
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