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Default Help with Cheat system

While I'm not usually a cheater, I have no choice with Majora's Mask. I was in the final dungeon and all I needed to do was get the fairies, was close to being finished with that long chore, took me an hour and a half or so, I clicked out(focus was not on pj64) and took a little break. Came back and the bitch gave me an exception error. Boy was I pissed.

So now, I'm trying to use the warp modifeir cheat to take me to the room before the final boss in the last dungeon(was already there once) and I set it to that and it won't work in game. Can someone help?

EDIT: Nevermind, works with the N64 version.

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Seriously, there's a warp modifier cheat for Zelda MM besides the one I made myself?

Unless you're referring to that extremely broken, low-quality fail-commented piece of crap Gent threw into the CHT file.

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