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Old 23rd January 2018, 11:47 PM
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Default Full Screen Black Space On Sides (Paper Mario)

I am playing the Paper Mario rom, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with the full screen ratio issue.

Whenever I fullscreen Paper Mario, it gives me an okay sized area of the game, but there exists a black space of about 1" inch between the edge of my physical monitor and where the game's space begins.

I know this is due to... aspect ratio, maybe it's called? I tinkered with the fullscreen resolution option in the graphics plugin settings, and that doesn't seem to change it much.

My goal is to make fullscreen occupy the entirety of my actual monitor space, which is 1280x1024 but whenever the 1280x1024 option for fullscreen is selected, it doesn't actually give a 1280x1024 game area fullscreen. It certainly fullscreens, but it has some space that could be occupied.

Using Glide64 plugin, as rice/jabo have glitches for Paper Mario.

I guess maybe this is just not possible? Is this how Paper Mario was originally designed? I might buy it on Wii VC just to see how it shows up on my flatscreen TV.

I would appreciate any suggestions. I am hoping that someone had this black space issue and fixed it and got a "full" fullscreen.
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Old 24th January 2018, 12:06 AM
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UPDATE: Well, after I posted this thread I fired up the emulator and fullscreened it, and I got a "full" fullscreen. This was because since I had last closed it yesterday, I left the fullscreen resolution option on my monitor's resultion (which is 1280x1024) so I have discovered that it is possible to get a nice, "full" fullscreen.

However, upon trying to alt+enter and un-fullscreen, it malfunctions my monitor/computer in its confusion of switching between resolutions, and doing monitor and aspect ratio things, and it causes my monitor/tower to go into a coma of pure blackscreen never to come back again, unless I physically hold down the power button and shut it down and restart it.

So that is a new issue, and I am guessing that it is either due to using Glide64 or it is due to the fullscreen res option being different. So I'll test it.

Again, if anyone knows about why my entire system goes into a blackscreen coma when I try to go back to windowed from fullscreen in the emulator, information would be much appreciated
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Old 26th January 2018, 12:14 PM
Carnaxus Carnaxus is offline
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The N64 never had to deal with widescreen ratios, so the ROM's render code probably is sending data through PJ64 to your graphics drivers that only makes sense in a 4:3 aspect ratio. On top of that, the N64 "system" is trying to run at a maximum of I believe 640x480, and going fullscreen may be causing it to try to force that resolution on a monitor that literally can't go that low. Your system goes "comatose" because the monitor isn't able to show anything, but unlike when you change the resolution in the Windows settings, there's no 15-second countdown before it reverts. If you're connecting your monitor via DisplayPort, your computer may be "purposefully" ignoring input while the monitor is "offline," meaning that trying to ALT-Enter back to windowed mode or ALT-F4 the program to close won't work either.

Last edited by Carnaxus; 26th January 2018 at 12:16 PM. Reason: More knowledge to share :)
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