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Default No controller pak found

Hi there,

I was playing a game the other day. When i closed the Project64 window. Now, if i want to start that game i get an error that there is no controller pak found and that the game wont be saved.

I now have some simple questions :

1) How can i solve this
2) Is my save game lost ?

Oh, and here is a screenshot

Thanks in advance
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Some games were designed to write save data into a controller "memory" pak device instead of the cartridge save chip.

Options > Configure Controller Plugin...
Set the drop-down box on the right of the "Controller is plugged in" setting from "None" to "Memory Pak".

Will emulate reading and writing with the device.
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hi, the solution to the problem (not found control) is very simple, if all is well and suddenly this tedious message must check the plugins control, after putting their respective plugins check the box (controller is plugged in) and ready to restart the emulator and bingo. project64k used in my case, I imagine it is the same for others, I hope I have helped, good luck.

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