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Old 28th January 2015, 09:28 PM
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Exclamation Weird error popping up with Evangelion (J)

im on mission 11 and i keep getting this error

if i hit ok and then hit resume, its fine but this is really immersion breaking
in using the [b3] version.
and it happens more frequently on the 12th mission, making it VERY frustrating... and occasionally it freezes the emulator, it doesnt register as frozen at all... jjust the clock in the corner if enabled is frozen and the game acts like its "Paused" but nothing works (and the emulator hasnt paused gameplay, and going into the menu and clicking reset does nothing when this happens)

additionally, Project64 will not open "Neon Genesis Evangelion (J) [f1] (PAL).z64". Does PJ64 not support European formats?

ALSO is there any difference between versions [!], [b1], [b2] and [b3] (this game came with those for and a PAL version)? im not familiar with the lingo written on rom file names other than (U), NTSC, PAL and (J)...

i know this game is in japanese, and probably wont get alot of support or fixes, but graphically there are some misalignments and issues, textures seem to becomb "Blinds" so to say, like the ones u put over the curtains, some are just misaligned, and some u can see seams easily on character models. and i am using the Final version of Glide64 as the Graphics plugin.

aaannndd... theres one last thing, in cutscenes, the dialogue is sometimes off, or finishes before the mouth stops moving... and its in japanese so i dont know why its like this.

any solutions for any of these?

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