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Default Display Error crashes

Repeated crashes with this as the log:

2018/08/27 23:02:59.737 03548,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp::DisplayError,Fatal Error: Stopping emulation
After enabling debugging, I get this log:

2018/08/27 23:04:23.720 03368,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp::DisplayError,Unknown CIC checksum:
2018/08/27 23:04:29.857 02740,Error,User Interface,CNotificationImp::DisplayError,Break point found at
This is while loading roms I'm compiling myself, a simple demo I'm working on. It seems to happen during random changes I make. Even changes as innocent as:
static float t = 0.f; void Frame() { t += 0.01f; }
Not just simple changes like that, there's about a %50 any change I make will cause this issue. It leads me to believe there's maybe some offset being caused by my recompilation that's messing things up... I can't be sure though, it's a shot in the dark obviously.

Hopefully the issue isn't just dismissed because I'm a weird user, but here's my environment: windows xp sp3 running inside virtual box with beta direct x support.

I admit it's a biiiiiiit of a niche , but any help would be appreciated.
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Does the same thing happen in other emulators?
Originally Posted by dsx! View Post
are you american or something
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