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Old 14th October 2017, 07:42 AM
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Default Jabo's Direct3D8 to DX9! to Fixes missing textures on Intel igp

oh my... where I start

Well i have too long time that i don't play n64 games, but the classics always are better so i wanted to play again zelda so I happy downloaded the latest public version ( and looking for the roms in my hdd and I found a folder of project64 1.7 so i copied my saves to new version xD... but when i start to playing (the saves worked good Yay!) and see my abandoned quest... i remembered why i stop playing...

As everyone already knows, the annoying issues wit the textures on intel chips... but i can remember when i played zelda on a intel 945g igp mobo, c2d cpu, Windows XP, project64 1.6 everything works smoothly... all textures showed fine... but when I upgraded to windows vista in those years is when the issue begins lol... Now, today with a intel b250 mobo and skylake processor the issue continues, yes already I investigated if anyone found a solution to this and only found:


but well I do prefer jabo's plugin because I think games looks better than in the rice's... and reading these treads I see:

Originally Posted by Xcodeplus View Post
... Now if we could find a better method to force a 24-bit zbuffer...
so i think maybe the newest OSes is the problem, the drivers? or best the dll s?... but i cant do anything by the two first suspects then i decided to download a copy of d3d8.dll from WinXP and put in the Project64 Folder but Fail: The plugins not initialize :'C!!
Then with another flash of inspiration B-D I remembered to use a mod of this same dll made by enbseries to fix graphics issues in Silent Hill 2 ... i made it... then i run oot with jabos 1.7.57v5 and omg works O_O can see the missing textures... I going to celebrate when i think why no to test another roms before... then load Majora's Mask... Nintendo 64 logo then error! "Access Violation"... Nooooo! T_T... Conker BFD works good too with "force legacy pixel pipeline" fixes the conker's wink scene in the begin

but in jabo's 1.6.1 is another story xD... well oot no problem... majora's: pj64 crashes *sight... conker bfd, white textures in conker o_0 but fixes again with "legacy pixel pipeline".

But wanted to run majora's mask _... then quickly found a github project called d3d8to8 by crosire... i downloaded d3d8.dll 1.5 put in the Project64 2.3.2 folder and Majora's mask rom finally runs all ok with jabos 1.7.57v5... but with jabo's 1.6.1 the floor of clock town is missing D:... legacy pixel pipeline fixes... but access violation when wearing goron mask...

Next test Smash Bros. and i remember why i hate jabo's 1.7.57v5...

so i changed by jabo's 1.7.56.... all ok again i see whispy wood =D!!!...

next test Pokemon Stadium 2 but all to bigger i revised the config in video plugin "Emulated width/Height 0"... changed to "default"... now works ok... but as I read in the forum this values is defined by RDB so i haves to put:

Resolution Width=-1
Resolution Height=-1
in every entry... apparently is one of the bigger differences between jabo's 1.7.56 and 1.7.57v5... (why jabo why? xd)

well... enough here, sadly i cant post too much images in a single post to show how sees now, but if try by yourselves will see and maybe be happy again =P!! I'll continue testing (or just playing =D) but i wanted to share this info with you... maybe some good programmer make a d3d8.dll that only forces the zbuffer 24bits++ or edit the source code of these hahaha will be awesome; anyway i wanted to test with another versions of jabo plugin, just i have 1.40, 1.5.2,1.6, 1.6.1, 1.7.56 (two releases), and 1.7.57-ver5... if anyone can or want to share me other builds in private message... thank you ^^


why no I just simply switch to glide?:

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Old 14th October 2017, 04:55 PM
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For 1.6.1 make sure the rdb in the emulator folder has a blank line at the top.

Or copy the rdb from Config to the emulator folder. Without a blank line, settings get corrupted.

Jabo hasn't worked on N64 graphics for long time.

The latest new plugin is GLideN64 by Gonetz. Maybe give that a try? It has the best quality graphics and Rogue Squadron has been HLE'd.

WIP Builds 3.
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Old 14th October 2017, 11:59 PM
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Than you Frank74, but i dont now.. just i think glide hates me
Intel HD Graphics 510 in Windows 7 64-bits latest drivers

GLideN64 rev.d8ac5a7 and same in Project64 Video Plugin

GlideN64 For PJ64

so is the reason why i still stick in Jabos with modded d3d8.dll 1.5 by crosire and my modified rdb :P
I don't post links to downloads because idk the forum rules but usually is forbidden and i decided not take risk xd anyway is easy to find it in duckduckgo or google.

Originally Posted by Frank74
For 1.6.1 make sure the rdb in the emulator folder has a blank line at the top.

Or copy the rdb from Config to the emulator folder. Without a blank line, settings get corrupted.
yes i downloaded the 1.6.015 rdb and put in the project64 folder and works same like when i have a file auto-generated with one single entry to define emulation width/height... xD

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