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Old 25th September 2015, 10:59 PM
NES_player4LIFE NES_player4LIFE is offline
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Xbox 360 blows them both out of the water.
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Old 26th September 2015, 07:03 AM
DaMan69 DaMan69 is offline
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Dat dpad though but since you can't use both the stick and the d pad on the N64 I guess I can't hold it against it.
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Old 28th September 2015, 02:37 PM
ferlanga ferlanga is offline
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The N64 has:

-analog stick that wears off really easily
-big and nice dpad, not those circles with a cross embedded on top like the xbox360 controller.
-6 button layout on the front, which would be great for fighting games that use 6 buttons (very few on them on the n64)
-3 pronged dildo

GCN has:

-An actual analog stick thats good
- c-buttons were turned into a hard to grasp second stick
-Crappy shoulder buttons which are pressure sensitive
-4 buttons on front in a very weird position
-goddam tiny dpad
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Old 28th September 2015, 06:32 PM
retroben's Avatar
retroben retroben is offline
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Makes me wish someone would make an epic controller combining all strong points.

Gamecube form,analog stick,C-stick,and ABXY.
N64's Start button and D-pad in place of where Gamecube has them.
Playstation L1,L2/R1,R2 shoulder buttons,but with GCN pressure sensors.
Wii/Wii U's ZL and ZR buttons.
XBOX analog buttons. (designed for crouching in various games)
Any controller's rumble support. (Gamecube's is quite good)
Optional?: Built-in gyro controls for emulated WarioWare Twisted and other gyro based games.
An attachable USB port for wired use when otherwise battery powered Bluetooth.

All of this would make a fantastic controller with many,many buttons.
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controller, gamecube, n64

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