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From a compatibility perspective you should use the Application Data folder in 2k/XP/Vista.

In my installers for example, I offer the user a choice between "Install for all users" and "Install for the current user" with a browse file dialog below. When the user chooses a radio button the dialog changes between "N:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ProgramName\" and "N:\Documents and Settings\CurrentUserName\Application Data\ProgramName\". If the user prefers to use their own folder they can specify by entering it manually or using the "Browse" button.

If you allow the installer to support relative directories here then users can install to a pen drive without having to hard-code a drive letter.

If you want your program to be compatible with a many configurations as possible on Windows you should review the "Windows File System Namespace Usage Guidelines":

The registry is also depreciated in Windows Vista so you will have to decide if you want to store information in easily accessible ini, xml, or custom binaries. Another good read:

Originally Posted by LazerTag View Post
So I would vote to make it the "My Documents" location with a "My Project64" folder and default named directory structure, a default named directory structure with the EXE ..
Please don't hijack My Documents:

Stop the madness: Subdirectories of My Documents

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