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Old 13th March 2018, 07:09 PM
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Default N-Rage plugin not saving C Buttons, all other buttons work

I'm having an issue with the N-Rage plugin not saving the C buttons when I assign them to my controller. Steps to reproduce the problem:

- Start with a fresh PJ64 install
- Plugin a controller (I tried both an Xbox 360 and Xbox One controller)
- Open the N-Rage input plugin settings
- Select XInput mode
- Map any controller button to one of the C buttons
- Click save, then close, then reopen the settings
- Expected result: C button is still mapped. Actual result: It's reset to "None".

The same is true for the D-pad. None of the D-pad directions will save. All other N64 buttons are saved correctly. This only happens in XInput mode.

I suspect it might be a bug in the GUI. When I map the C buttons and click save, I can see that the changes are actually written to the config file, and the C buttons are actually working in the game at that point. This part works. It seems to be the loading part that is broken. Only when I reopen the settings dialog, the mapping is reset. There seems to be an error in the routine that loads and displays the mappings from the config file. ("XInput Controller 1 Config.xcc")

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