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Old 19th April 2012, 09:37 PM
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Originally Posted by dontel View Post
Ha I tuned off my antivirus(avast) and it works now. Now i can just exclude it from screwing with PJ64 and im good. Thanks everyone for your help.
Hey man, glad this was fixed for you! This is partly why I refuse to use antivirus software. It also helps that I'm fairly decent at tracking and removing them without the help additional tools. Have fun using PJ64!
I have had to change my name due to Identity Theft. I have been real bad! Next week I'm going to get a slap in the face by Smiff. Then by Zilmar, Jabo and Gent to follow. Iconoclast doesn't matter and WTF is a clast? I suffer from %$#@! whereby I cannot think inelegantly causing a most foul and deffinite demise!

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