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Default Speed up?

I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong section. Anyways, I was just wondering, does P64 have some sort of function that speeds up gameplay, kind of like what the spacebar does for the Visualboy Advance emulator?
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Yes it does F4 controls the speed limiter, Also you could play around with the counter factor if F4 doesn't work.
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all versions have the ability to turn off the speed limiter (f4) as mentioned. In 1.7 you have the ability with the + and - key to increase the speed/decrease the speed more granular. That way it is not 60 to 200 .. you could go to 90. It will not go faster then what it is with the speed limiter off
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we need visual representation somewhere, of the current speed values.

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You mean conceptual understanding?
Graphical projection of the measured speed?
Current in which aspect?

In these cases as far as many are concerned the percentage display already saves many questions, but I'm happy getting used to a ratio to a different basis other than 100 (DL/s or VI/s).
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He means that after speeding/slowing down the game, One cannot tell the factor because there is no number indicating it. I don't know if I'm at x1.05 speed or x0.95 speed. Is there a number somewhere that I don't know of?
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