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Thanks again for more help. Received the second N64 to USB adapter yesterday. I've had all four controllers plugged in, only with two of us playing, and everything was fine. Three of us are having a go Monday night and I'll grab my better half for a few minutes just to see how it runs with four inputs at the same time - looking very promising so far though.

What does the audio sync do please? I've selected it but as usual have no understanding of its purpose.

Just tried the plugin thing. Pretty sure I've put everything in the right place as I now get a Glide64 settings window for configuring graphics plugins. There are loads of settings in it and I don't know if any can help but the pop-up issue is the same as before. Had a quick look and the tv you mentioned on Luigi Raceway was just black.

Thanks for clearing up the bot thing, had no idea that sort of stuff happened - seems a bit odd but had a look on Wiki and it mentioned they often try to advertise etc so I guess that's why.

Would there be any benefit for me to switch to the newer version of PJ64 which has to be paid for? If nothing else I feel I owe a donation.

Thanks again.


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