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Old 19th November 2015, 05:15 AM
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Reload your game from a native save, that's it the game save file not the emu savestate, then play the song at daytime...

Also normally I don't encourage people lazyness, you don't justify yourself saying things like: Hi all, I dont know jack shit about emus LOL can someone help me plox, at least you need to exhaust your options or do some research beforehand as you may have realized by now emulators normally don't work out-of-the box as hard as zilmar want to make one...

The following combo will allow you to play OoT without crashes for future reference:
PJ64 or above with Advance Block Linking and Protect Memory as selfmod method checked...

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Old 19th November 2015, 04:34 PM
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Okay the last save I ever made to the game was the save point where that I sent in where it goes black and the song keeps playing over and over. How do I access a save point from before that? (If that's what you are trying to tell me to do not really sure.)

zelda ocarina of time

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