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Old 18th April 2009, 09:39 PM
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Default When launching rom in fullscreen...

Hello again !

If you have configured PJ64 to launch ROMs by just double clicking the ROM file that lie on the desktop, just before it goes into fullscreen you see PJ64 load the rom inte the in windowed mode is there any way to make the change to fullscreen more seamless ?

Because i use XBMC as user interface on my HTPC and when i launch the roms from there in PJ64, XBMC goes from fullscreen to desktop mode and then back again in fullscreen if there is anyway to skip PJ64 from going in to that windowed loading mode or to configure Windows any way not to auto "highlight/select" the windows that are not fullscreen ?

Thanks in Advance !
Old 20th April 2009, 07:07 AM
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good question.. i am planning on using XBMC myself on my HTPC although I haven't yet had time to try this.. if anyone else has solved this problem that'd be good, otherwise you'll have to wait sorry until I try this!
Smiff (PJ64 team )
Main test PC: Athlon dual core 1.25-2.5Ghz (variable), 2GB RAM, GF8800GS driver 175.19, 1680x1050, External Audio, XP SP2.

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