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Default Xbox 360 Controller Rumble Issue

I am attempting to enable the rumble feature on my Razer Onza Xbox 360 controller, but when I select the Rumble Pak in the Controller Pak tab, my controller is not listed under the Force-Feedback Devices section. I am using N-Rage V2.3c. Does anyone know how I could fix the problem? Any advice would be appreciated.
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I wanted to give back to the community because I came here for a quick fix myself and felt like a drain on internet society, but apparently I can't post links until I have 5 posts (good anti-spam measure, bad for me right now).

I have literally no experience with this, but I found a thread where someone had a similar issue:

(aych double-t p, colon slash slash) vba-m(dot)com/forum/Thread-rumble

The thread links to this utility which actually gets the options to show up (allegedly) (aych double-t p, colon slash slash)vba-m(dot)com/forum/Thread-n64input-info-and-download

The point is that you need ONE MORE THING to get to your desired result. Or so it seems from a quick Google search. Sorry about the awful formatting.
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