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Cool, d/c.
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Originally Posted by FatCat View Post
Ever since many of the plugin's alpha changes "Force legacy pixel pipeline" has become necessary to get some textures to show and not be black.
Perfect Dark (U) V1.1 is another example of a game that benefits from "Force legacy pixel pipeline" enabled. With this option enabled, the buildings in the distance of the first solo level are much clearer than without this option enabled.

Besides this...this game runs very well with default settings. That glitch when getting punched in the face and the entire screen goes green is now gone. I have only played the first two levels and had a deathmatch with 3 other bots (with rocket launchers, dragons, etc.). I had a blast though.

A job well done here.


For NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC (U) , the ai needs to be at 520. This takes care of the audio snapping. Plays very well.

I also tried out Goldeneye X, but I couldn't get it to work since it's not in the rdb. I know it's a hacked rom, but it would be interesting to see how well it runs considering that Perfect Dark runs very well.
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I'm having issues with the framerate in Ocarina of Time. I can get the emulator to slow down, but it feels like the game is running a few FPS faster. As a result 2.0 is now banned from SpeedRunsLive, and it makes the emulation feel not accurate. Heck, PJ64 1.6.1 emulates a million times better. The ONLY reason I'm trying to use this new version is because it fixes the huge amount of pause lag in Ocarina of Time. So what can I do to get this running at 60 FPS?
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Many games run very fast, which in some cases isn't that bad and actually pretty fun (Mario Kart, Super Smash, Goldeneye). Some games however become pretty much unplayable, like Majora's Mask and Perfect Dark. Unlike Goldeneye, running in Perfect Dark is like playing a racinggame... with guns. A result also is that the (badass) Perfect Dark intro is cut short (because of the fps), which is more of a personal thingy.

I love the graphics though, a buddy of mine who plays these on the Wii was actually pretty jealous that Zelda was so beautifully rendered
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2.0, pj64

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