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Old 10th September 2012, 07:12 AM
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Just thought I'd give an update...took some thinking but I figured out what you meant by Root Directory, then felt like a dumbass for not realizing it sooner. Been using Glide for CBFD and a couple other games I think (actually haven't booted up PJ64 in a few days, been watching stuff over at achievementhunter.com and also doing xbox 360 stuff).

Only bad thing about this situation is I still need to use the method I posted when I play CBFD on my laptop, since apparently the driver for my stupid intel graphics card can't be updated. But I don't much care anyway since it's a...probably 6 year old now Dell Inspiron laptop. I got it at highschool, all the students got laptops from the school and we just payed for it through tuition. Heard that they're giving the students iPad2s now...I'd rather have a laptop.

So all in all I guess this topic wasn't a total waste, but I am kinda happy it's starting to get buried beneath other stuff haha.

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