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Default Project64 Graphics Issue

For some reason i was unable to post this in the issues section of this forum....anyways....

So I installed Project64 and I was playing around with the graphics settings to
see if I could get a higher quality image and I ended up messing up the image.
Under the "Graphics Configuration" tab I have the default:

Window resolution 640x480
Full Screen Resolution 640x480 16-bit 60Hz
Anisotrophic filtering = OFF
Full Screen Antialiasing = OFF
Super2xSaltextiles = OFF
Alwaysuse texture filter = OFF
-->InAdvanced setting i have NO boxed checked

I have no idea what I did or how to fix this. If I am unable to fix this is there
any way to uninstall project64, then reinstalling Project64, hopefully restoring it back to its original graphics settings. I can't figure out how to uninstall this program.

Thanks for the help!
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Good idea to use 1.6 if you don't have legit access to later versions.
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