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Question PS4 Controller inputs not working?

So I just downloaded Project64 and tried to play OoT by connecting my Dualshock 4. I had already connected it to other emulators before like DeSmuMe and it had worked fine. Now, however, it wont work. Whenever I go to the Controller Configuration, if i try and press a button on the Dualshock, it says something like 'Keyboard:' and if i go to play, if I press a button on the controller it works for every button in game, e.g. if I press X on the start screen it works as start, even though I clicked R2 on the controller to register it. If it helps, I use DS4 to connect my controller with a USB cable and I tried restarting Project64 and all the common suggestions.
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Hmmm.... Some applications don't have good support for controllers. Steam has VERY good support, and if you download and configure steam, add Proj64 as a non-steam game, then open project64 in big picture mode in steam, you might be able to use your PS4 controller
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