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Old 14th December 2016, 07:19 AM
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Getting into the interesting stuff that requires being forced before the match loads.

Super Smash Bros. (U)

Rocked Cyclone
800D2D2B 0006
Explosions are inviisble too? I'm gonna rock you...like a hurricane!

Flashier Star Power Sparkles
800D2D30 0024

Potentially Lewd Pikachu Grab
810D4D18 xxxx
Grabbing DK is not as bad,crudest result is Fox.
3FBC=More Lewd
3FFC=Even worse
403C=Also Lewd
BFBC=Outright Dirty
C0FC=Better Faceplant

Altered Lighting?
800D4E64 00xx

Cool Shading
800D510C 00xx
Weird sizes happen too.

Inverted Lighting Position
810D582C xxxx
3F80=Slightly Brighter
3FA5=Max Normal
3FA6=Flipped Invert
BF67=Fully Inverted
BFA7=Flipped Normal

More Lighting Changes
810D5AD8 xxxx
3C7C=More Even?
3D7C=Evened Out?
3E7C=Nice Lighting
3FB4=Max Normal
BFB6=Brightest Swapped
BFB7=Flipped Normal

Oversized Crude Pikachu Grab
810D5BF4 xxxx

Upside-down Pikachu Grab
800D5C10 00xx
800D5C14 00xx
3F,BF=Underground W/Normal Pikachu
BF,3F=Under W/Upside-down Pikachu
BF,BF=Upside-Down Holding Opponent
Silly looking.

Swapped Grab Direction
800D5C10 00BF
800D5C18 00BF
Tricky looking,you can grab from behind you,a few other anims also flipped.

Muscle Size Mod
810D5C98 xxxx
3F8F=Slightly Larger
3FFF=Strungth (DK is best)
Arms and legs are buff or wimpy.

Hands and Feet Size Mod
810D5C9C xxxx
Maybe combine these for oddball results.
3A80=Non-existant Again

Twisted Limbs
800D5C98 00BF
800D5C9C 00BF

Shape Size Mod?
810D5E60 xxxx
C422=Broken Shape

Stiff Luigi Actions
800D5EB8 00FF
Use activators to exploit in realtime.

Spawn Facing Forward
800D7A7F 0044
First code in the location that resets on every mode change.
These may fail on other stages/with other characters.

Invincible Players
800D7AFB 0000
Cyclones can still harm you.

Entrance Spawn Oddity
800D7BDF 00F0

Entrance Spawn In Foreground
800D7CAB 0008

Later past 0x800D7D20 address.

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Old 15th December 2016, 06:19 AM
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F*** this Material Design bullshit!!!

Super Smash Bros. (U)

Low Priority Fighter Depth
800D7F8F 00xx
Take note most if not all of these DON'T work in Single Player.
01=Low Priority

All CPs Human Controlled (Hold D-pad Up)
D009EFA4 0008
800D7FB3 0024
These kinds of codes will be PERFECT for holding button activators to get the desired effect,this prevents bugs that happen in other screens which cause freezing/crashing.
Select the stage and hold the activator immediately to get the desired effect.

Always Original Colors
800D805B 00xx
00=Always Original
03=Broken Colors
13=Color Mismatch
Can fight same color of the same character and use original colors in Team Battle.

Other Players Always On Lighting
800D8067 00xx
14=Always Lighting
1C=Never Lighting (same character teams=clones)
Light,dark,and extra for P2,P3,and P4.

Singled Out Stats
800D8077 000D
First player slot holds all KO stats combined and damages.

Indestructable Players
800D816F 0016
Can still damage on throws and cyclones but no distance made.

Other Players Always Brightly Lit
800D81DF 001A
800D81EB 0011

Player Hitbox Size Mod
810D8486 xxxx
Wonky hitbox sizes though apparently,can grab from nearly anywhere if value is big enough.
3F80=Slightly Larger?
C200=Untouchable (cyclones still get you)

Disable Player Hitboxes
800D84A7 0000

Broken Collision
800D859B 00xx
BF=Mixed (Fox falls Pikachu doesn't)
Jump and you can't stand on the ground anymore.

Walk Through Walls and Partial Sky Walking
800D859F 0070
Go out of bounds through the rightward wall and walk off to stand in air without any freezing!
This works because it thinks you are still in the last inbound floor spot,it even works on the warp pipes and you can wedge yourself under a few floors with some attacks.
AND it works on Single Player mode with retained results!

Slant Fighting
800D85AB 00xx
18=Centered Fun
1D=Constant/Instant Deaths
20=Slant Fight
21=Various Deaths
24=Z-axis Fun
Can fly around in the slant and under floors with ease.

Some Players Stuck (hold D-pad Down)
D009EFA4 0004
800D85B7 00xx
Can only throw them,crashes on character select menu if used there.
00=P1 Stuck
01=Others Stuck

Sunken In
800D85D3 00A0

Super Characters
800D863F 00xx
58=Normal Speed Broken
Faster and higher recovery distance,Kirby absorb gets stuck,Yoshi stuns you with eating move.

Can't Grab At All
800D8657 00EC
No Kirby absorb or Yoshi eat.

Grabs Only
800D866F 0000
No attacks and items are harmless.

800D8687 0078
Throws are the only option.

Early Start
800D8703 0006

Alt Early Start
800D872F 000B

Normal Looking Early Start
810D8754 2400

Locked Friction
800D87D3 0080
Sliding in place,so much fun.

No Ground Movement
800D87DB 0040

Quicksilver Nightmare
800D87DC 00E4
Too fast to control properly.

Magic Friction
800D89BC 00C4
Sliding with more control.

Back Magnet
800D89C4 0066

Alt Back Magnet
800D89D4 00C4

Groundlock Quick Attack
810D8B9C 2400
Trying to use it on the ground left/right keeps you in place.

Walking Magic Friction
800D8BC3 0080
Grabs can be done while still moving.

Rolls Don't Move
800D8C1F 0080
Can't roll away from your opponent.

Super Distant Lunge
800D8C26 0004
Reversed at extreme velocity.

Super Distant Forward
800D8C28 00E4
Deadly risks.

Reversed Lunge
800D8C60 0064
Opposite direction than usual.

Another Reversed Lunge
800D8C94 0065

Later past 0x800D8D20 address.
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Old 16th December 2016, 09:42 AM
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Took a sick day because I needed to take a shower without forgetting to so I can try to get well sooner.
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Old 17th December 2016, 04:17 AM
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F*** power outages at night!!!

Super Smash Bros. (U)

Difficulty Jumping
800D8D68 0064

Floatable Air Attacks
800D8D6C 00E4
Warikachu Man.

Antigravity Doom
800D8D7C 00C4
Control it with stuff like quick attack to get back down.

Heavy Falling
800D8D84 0066

Forced Down
800D8D8C 0065

Accelerating Fall
800D8D94 00C4

800D8DAC 00C4
Use FastFall to go slow instead.

Infinite FastFalls
800D8DBB 0090

Low Gravity
800D8DF3 0018
When neutral in the air.

Auto FastFall
800D8DFB 006D
Hold the control stick down to fastfall at the first possible moment.

FastFall Visual Effect Mod
800D8E03 00xx
Possibly already found before!

Oddball FastFall
800D8E1F 00xx
Finally some realtime stuff!!!
20=Oddball (re-recover Pikachu,others crash)

Gravity Manipulation
D009EFA4 0008
800D8E5F 00xx
D009EFA4 0004
800D8E5F 00xx
D009EFA4 0002
800D8E5F 00xx
D009EFA4 0001
800D8E5F 00xx
Realtime access! Varies by character.
00-FF=All Seems To Work
03=No Fastfall Escape (DK can move normally)
07=Also Fast (DK Floats)
0F=Heavy DK Floating Others
10=Indefinite Stuck Position
1C=Moon Gravity
1E=DK Death
1F=Quick Death (only some characters?)
24=Really Low
29=Link Death
3F=Instant Death (Mario Bros.)
47=Heavy Link/DK
4A=Link/DK Death
54=Fully Float
58=Slower Fall
FF=Instant Death (all characters,only when in air,1P Mode Teams Suck,Kirby Team can softlock partially)

Actual Moon Gravity
800D8E67 00xx
Jump extra higher than usual.
00=Really Moon
04=Can't Jump
07=Mostly Can't Go Up
5C=Really Low Gravity (deadly)

Terrible Horizontal Movement Speed
800D8EE4 0064

Easy Horizontal Air Movement
800D8FCC 0064

Air Attacks Hold Inertial Gravity
800D90F3 0080
Attack early to rise up real high.

Anti-gravity Attacks
800D90FB 00C4
Stay floating with attacks instead of ever falling,almost like DBZ.

Heavy Air Attacks
800D9107 0001
Fall quickly upon attacking.

Suspended Air Movements
800D9177 00C4
Float up to death or attack to avoid it and to move around in the air.

Low Knockback Gravity
800D91FF 0080
Easier defeatability.

Heavy Vertical Knockback
800D9213 0001

Mario Bros. Heavy Recovery
800D927B 00F0
Falling deadly in reverse if you are above a pit.

Useless Mario Bros. Recovery
800D928A 0004

Rocket Bros. Recovery
800D92A0 0066
Space death occurs.

Turbulence Bros. Recovery
800D92C0 00E4
Bouncy path.

Strange Bros. Recovery
800D92DC 0024
Displaced depending on turned direction.

Speedy Combos
800D9488 00E4
Don't use Yoshi at all. All characters work? Can combo Neutral-A's into A-Tilts and other cool combos.

Warping Floors
800D9A2C 00E5
You and items warp to other spots oddly.

Underground Walking
800D9A40 00E5

Lag Ratio?!?
810DA08E xxxx
3D7A=Huge Slowdown
4F7A=Lag Reduction (still seems jagged)
C27A=Weird Physics

Axis Madness
800DA09B 0004

Speed Multiplier
800DA0FB 00xx
00=Stopped? (game runs fine with this,keeping players in midair)
FF=Lags The Game

One Position
800DA100 00E6
Realtime! Allows for fun ideas.

Later past 0x800DA120 address.
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Old 18th December 2016, 03:22 AM
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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
Took a sick day because I needed to take a shower without forgetting
that's mk but it's coming out of your paycheck

Originally Posted by retroben View Post
F*** power outages at night!!!
I had those multiple times a day for many days while I was living down in tropical Florida.

I think you aren't used to them enough to really appreciate them. You should move there. Get you some time off the compie maybe even.
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Old 18th December 2016, 05:29 AM
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Super Smash Bros. (U)

Gravity Stopper (D-pad up/down=on/off)
D009EFA4 0008
800DA164 00E6
D009EFA4 0004
800DA164 00C6
Fun to mess with and do severe combos.

Superb Horizontal Movement
800DA177 0004
Includes projectiles,knockback,and oddities with some items.

Stuck Stuff
800DA18F 00xx
68=Also Both P1 and P2 (at least)

Holes and Walls
800DA1A3 0000
Random spots have wrong broken collision.

Sticky Floor
800DA324 00E6

Slanted Floor Collisions
800DA3D8 00E5
Fun to mess around with.

Alt Slanted Floors
800DA40C 00E5

Dimensional Walls
800DB130 00E6
Touch a wall and jump left/right to reach the ether realm of floor collision.

Less Wall Collision
800DB168 00E6
Check right wall first to trigger it.

Walk In Air Past Ledges
800DB2D3 0001
Simply walk off any ledge to walk in air next to it.
Many platforms are bugged out.

Better Air Walking
800DB303 0015
No buggy platforms and now even better physics fun!
15=Walk In Air

Falling Repeatedly
800DB323 0070

Upwards Floors
800DB344 00E7
Slowly rising up when on some floors.

No Falling Off Ledges
800DB36F 0030
Walk or run into one and you won't slip off anymore.

Strange Ledge Raiser
800DB377 0070
800DB3CB 0070
Walk/run off to end up higher.

Broken Floor Positions
800DB3FC 00E6
Floors are used at various heights for each player at random moments.

Alt Walk In Air
800DB41B 000A

Later past 0x800DB420 address.
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Old 19th December 2016, 04:01 AM
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More Slanted Floors
800DB4C8 00E4

Sticky Floating
800DB614 00E4
800DB774 00E4

Climb Platforms As Ledges
800DB67B 0013
800DB7CF 0010

Random Floor Spots
800DB958 00E5
Higher and lower chunks of floor collision.

Sticky Slant Floors
800DBA10 00E6
Rather odd alternative.

Slanted On Jumps
800DBA78 00E6
You can do several air attacks to opponents realy easily.

Random Air Walls
800DBAA4 00E6
Also random teleports.

Clingy Platforms
800DBB78 00E4
Instantly land on them after jumping under them.

Clip Left Walls
800DBFE4 00E7
Must do so in the air.

800DC430 00E4
800DC434 00E4
Touch the walls of any floor/platform and you should land on them instantly.
Most interesting results on the SMB1 stage and floating stages with harder to defeat opponents from them,things break after a KO.

No Platform Collision
800DC4E4 00E4

Wonky Floor Collision
800DC4E8 00E5

Later past 0x800DC820 address.
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Old 20th December 2016, 06:08 AM
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Jump Through Right Walls?
800DCD60 00E6
800DCD68 0066

Clip Through Ceilings
800DD198 0066
Hyrule is the earliest way to access this one.

Many Floors
800DD32C 00E4
Jump to update your own floor height!

Sticky Items
800DD4AF 0029
You can place Motion Sensor Bombs in midair!!!

Air Locked
800DD68A 00xx
Prevents landing and can be toggled in realtime.
04=Air Lock
18=Auto Ledge Grabs (even for non-grabbable ones)

Air Shuddering
800DDCC3 005E
Always trying to land on floors.

Can Fall When Attacking At Ledges
800DDCF3 0002
Normally,you stay clinged to them,good for ridding away that dash attack habit.

Alt Fall Attacks
800DDCF7 0000

Run Past Ledges In Air
810DDDC4 2400
Letting go of run shoots you back to the last floor you were on,but jumping within running allows you to do some neat tricks.
Good for added fun.

Stuck Vertical Running
800DDDCB 0074

Alt Run Past Ledges
810DDDE8 2400
Avoid getting on Yoshi clouds or Arwings or it freezes.

Pseudo Ground
800DDE5B 0080
Can't attack on the ground mostly.

Attack or Dodge Past Ledges
810DDE6C 2400
Also through walls like the others can do too.

Another Run Past Ledges
810DDED0 2400
Found out you can hold shield to stand in midair and wait before jumping.

810DDEF8 2400
Walk (actually use walking) off a ledge to stand in air and you can stop in place,press shield to fall cleanly.

Roll Off Ledges
810DDF4C 2400

No Ledge Grabs
800DE477 0080

Jump Through Walls
810DE494 2400
Both sides this time?

Stronger Jump Through Walls
810DE47C 2400
810DE4A4 2400
No resistance from either wall.

No Head Bonk On Ceilings
800DE4E7 0004
Inertia from the jump is kept.

Alt No Head Bonk
800DE513 0000

Attack To Land
800DE887 0080
You can fall through the floor and go through ceilings unless attacking or in knocked back animations.

Glide On Floors
810DE91C 2400
Attack to land in a neautral stand.

Alt Attack To Land
810DE9AC 2400

Auto Ledge Grab Collision
800DE9CB 0001
Can attack before landing to land normally.

Stuck Moves
810DEE80 2400
Some moves get you stuck in place,hammers linger after gone.

Frantic CPs
800DEEAB 00xx
Running a lot more.

Broken Mode
800DF12B 0004
Neat animations,but can't do much anything to each other,cyclones and Bob-ombs still hurt you.

Glitched Mode
800DF13B 0000
Attacks are strange,grabbing crashes it.

Alt Glitchy Mode
810DF13E 0400
Better moves? Grabbing crashes it too.

Odd Behaviour
800DF1C8 00C6
Grabs crash and a few other actions may also crash.

Later past 0x800DF1D0 address.
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Old 21st December 2016, 05:36 AM
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Super Smash Bros. (U)

No Physical Hitboxes
800DF22F 0000
Only projectiles and thrown items hit you or containers.

No Damage Physically
800DF33F 0000
Still hits with no damage being added.

Wacky Damage Mixup
800DF343 00xx
Maybe this relates to decay rate.
02=Massive Damage (96%-128%)
05=Wild (the same attack either does nothing or massive damage)
13=Another Big
16=Another Strong

Hit Items Anywhere
800DF387 00xx
0D=500%+ Damage
0F=Stuck 999% Attacks
11=Hit Items
Yet these item attacks don't hit opponents and a few lag the game.

Hit Anywhere
800DF39F 0000
01=Also Works
The true version of hit anywhere that even hits items and you can grab opponents from anywhere too.
Pretty much everything like Kirby inhaling and Yoshi eating.
Use the custom items codes to have only Red Shells at instant spawns for hitbox insanity.

Physical Hitbox Size Mod
800DF3B2 xxxx
3D00=Really Small?
4F00=Essentially Hits Anywhere
BF00=Even Smaller?

Broken Attacks
800DF3DF 0000
A silly sound comes out.

Awesome Attack Oddities!
800DF3E3 0000
Don't grab hammers,may freeze on random attacks.

All Physical Knockback Horizontal
800DF423 0004

Small Hitbox But Hit Items Anywhere
800DF42B 0024

Stronger Knockback Distance
800DF42F 00xx
08=Also Stronger

Wild Knockback
800DF434 00xx
02=Highhly Resistant
20=Extra Wild
40=A Couple OP Moves
Some resisted and others overpowered.

Negligible Knockback
800DF43F 00xx
28=Also Weak

All Heavier Attacks Instantly KO
800DF447 0004

Strange Attacks
800DF497 00xx
01=Coin Sound Too
02=All Coin Sounds
06=Bomb Exploding

Deadly Elemental-sounded Attacks
800DF49B 00xx
Don't use hammers.
0C=Hammer Works!
14=Several Elements

More Botched Attacks
800DF49F 0008
Intense knockback.

Smack Attacks
800DF4AF 0000

Instant KO Attacks
800DF4F3 0000

Another Instant KO Attacks
800DF4F7 0004

Low Knockback Most Attacks
800DF503 0030

Higher Physical Damage Output
800DF53B 00xx
07=Incredibly Long 999% Hits
0A=Stuck 999%
0E=999% Coin Damage Luigi
0F=Most None/Up Special Devastating?
10=Almost None
Some attacks do less?

Max Damage Physical Attacks?
810DF56C 2400

Deadly 3rd Hit
800DF641 0015
Neautral attack's 3rd part can be really strong.

Smashing Effects
800DFAD7 00xx
The effect changes vary per character.
01=Explosive Smash Attacks?
02=Missing Effects
0F=Strange Stuff
12=Some Are Screen Shakes?!?
16=Extra Screen Shakes
1F=Weird (Fox sings on Up+Special)
2E=Fox's Reflector Visually Explodes
39=Explosive Hammer
3F=Fox Crate Splinters Gun

Cool Movement Effects
800DFAEB 00xx

Mistakenly Thrown
800DFE7B 0024
Oh no,now the opponent can't be harmed!

Glitch Moves
800DFF5B 0000
Luigi's fireball is doing Up+Special while that does his Down+Special.

No Facial Expressions?
800E0065 0025
Luigi throwing backwards missing his blush.

No Regular Projectiles/Can't Throw Stuff
800E00D5 0025

Wonky Actions
800E00F7 00xx

Later past 0x800E0120 address.
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Old 22nd December 2016, 06:06 AM
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Supah Smayish Bruddas (U)

Mario/Luigi Spin Pulled Down
800E014D 0025
Brings you down instead of letting you rise.

Lacking attacks
800E018B 0000
800E018F 0000

Delayed Attacks
800E02E4 00E4
Many won't even connect hits,some may crash the game,possibly.

The Pointless Segwaying!
800E02FF 0064
Looks funny when starting a match.

Turbocharged Attacks
800E0324 0066
Extra fast stuff? C. Falcon has to be close for instant paunch and kick to connect
Ness crashes on throwing players.

Doubled Attacks
800E0387 001C
Only projectiles and shooters are effective in certain situations.

Stiff Models
800E07DF 00xx
Some parts still move,looking cute and floppy Pikachu ears.
80=Stiff Model
88=Also Stiff

Large Rolling/Turning Distance
800E07E7 0080

Alt Stiff Models
810E0818 xxxx

No Lighting Colors
800E08D3 0004
Pikachu's Quick Attack no longer turns green with the sound.
Random things (Hammer?) make the game freeze.

Freeze Lighting Effects
800E08DF 00xx
If toggled correctly,you can keep skeletons or discolored models.

Constant Damage Effects
800E09D7 0004
01=Also Works
Constant skeleton flicker or fire burning after electric/fire damage.

Alt Constant Damage Effect
800E09E7 0004

Wrong Lighting Colors
800E0B8B 0044

Pink Damage Lighting
800E0B8F 0004

Discolored Damage Lighting
800E0BA3 0046
Yellow on Fox/blue on Pikachu.

No Elemental Damage Effects
800E0F13 0004
No burning or skeletons.

Alt No Damage Lighting Effects
800E11DF 0080

Another No Damage Lighting
810E1204 2400

Uncontrollable Grabs and Stuff
800E1273 0090
Can't get up quickly if you don't hurry.

Early Control
800E127F 0003
Can already move once the entrance is done.

P1 Controlled By CP
800E129B 0020
Funny in Single Player Mode,DK almost won at 5x Very Easy until Master Hand KO'd him..

Nobody Moves
800E12A7 0024
Can still pause and exit matches.

Knockback Oddity
800E12B3 00xx

Odd and Auto Jump
800E12BB 00C1
Hold up on the analog stick for both jumps instantly.

Dumb CPs
800E12BF 0000
Not moving at all,yay! Master Hand STILL works,dammit!

Turbo Controller Buttons
800E12EF 0004

B Button Mashed
800E12F9 00E4

Grab Is B Mashing
800E1305 00E4

Can't Do Down Attacks
800E131D 00AA

Auto Actions
800E132B 0044
This one reacts to when you mash the respective button.

Can't Do Fighter Stance
800E132F 00DF

Alt CPs Don't Move
810E1380 2400
Still no Master Hand breakage.

Broken CPs
800E13A3 00xx
Really sluggish and barely attack.
CA=Alt Broken

CPs Stuck On Shielding
800E13AB 0000
Entertaining way to mess around.

Showoff CPs
800E13AD 00E4
Always doing their stances if it starts that way.
Four Kirby's can't all say hi to you. :'(
It all boils down to CP2 taunting with other doing stuff.
CP1:Jumps around,some air attacks. CP2:Taunts CP3/CP4:Attacks in place.
Lvl 9 CPs still enact the usual behaviour within the action lockdown.

Nudging Steps CPs
800E13C3 00C0
Walking in short steps and never doing much anything else.

CPs Can't Attack?
800E13D5 0061

CP Auto Attack
800E13DF 0044
After doing certain attacks,they repeat a lot on the neutral ones.

CPs Mash B
800E13E7 0002

CPs Dash or Attack
800E13EB 0006

Wrong A Button Actions
800E1433 00xx
02=All Players
0A=CPs Wrong Only?
Strange results from this code.

Higher 1st Jump
800E1443 00xx
Pressing up only.

Alt Higher 1st Jump
800E1463 0003
Acts different?
Both seem to have DOOM-itis with the jump instead of faster running.

Duck Mode
800E1487 0001

Down Stances
800E148F 0003
Combine with "Duck Mode" for endless stancing.
Combination Hint: Hold shield and press up to jump out and A to grab a close enough opponent.

Can't Run
800E1497 0002
Really useful for keyboard users,but you can't do dash attacks either with this code.

Bonus Code!!!

Freeze Players (D-pad up/down=on/off)
D009EFA4 0008
810E1700 2400
D009EFA4 0004
810E1700 0C03
Really fun to mess around with.

Later past 0x800E1520 address.
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