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Default Castlevania 64 - Edit save file?


Was playing through CV64 and the ROM I was using had me kill the undead bull before blowing up the wall on Stage 5. Now, after blowing up the wall and activating the crystal then exiting the small room it reveals, I'm met with a black screen. The game will not progress any further.

The way the game is supposed to progress:
Blow up wall
Enter room
Activate crystal
Leave room
Kill bull

How my ROM performed:
Kill bull
Blow up wall
Enter room
Activate crystal
Leave room (black screen/game frozen)

Is there any way to edit my save file to fix this issue? Or maybe skip past this part?

I've even tried using level select cheats and none of them seem to work.

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Any ideas on this one?

I'd rather not have to completely restart and play through the game again only to run into the same issue again.

If nothing else, does anyone know how to get the level select cheats working? If I turn the cheat on and double click it to select the level, then follow the directions that are in the notes (i.e. selecting a save then holding the F9 button until the level loads) I get a black screen that never goes away.
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Well, nevermind.

I figured out a weird work-around.

If you have a clean save, or start a new playthrough:

(DO NOT enter the Undead Bull arena.)
1. Blow up door that leads to observatory where the statues need to be placed to unlock seal.
2. Unlock seal.
3. Go to doorway that leads to Undead Bull boss room but do not enter.
4. Activate Have All Items cheat so you have a mandragora in inventory.
5. Activate cheat that places Magical Nitro in inventory.
(Having the Nitro keeps the Bull from waking up when you enter the room.)
6. Place Mandragora by cracked wall.
7. Immediately place Nitro by wall as well.
8. Enter crystal room and activate magic crystal.
9. Leave room to initiate Undead Bull cut scene and battle.

Both have to be placed at the same time. If I entered with the mandragora only, the bull attacked. If I placed the nitro then jumped while still in the room, the bull attacked. If the nitro was placed and I ran out of the room without jumping, got the mandragora, then returned, the bull attacked. It only worked if I placed both at the same time using cheats.

Maybe this will help someone else.

Thread can be locked if need be.
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Well you probably just hit an issue with the CPU re-compiler which could be avoided.

But yes the save file can be edited. I remember playing with the mempak for Castlevania 64 myself...no checksums or anything IIRC? The only problem is you still might need a hex editor to do it because I don't know that anyone's ever released a tool for editing save data for that game.
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