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Old 17th November 2015, 08:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Marcelo_20xx View Post
I remember zilmar or some member here mentioning that there was a bug that prevented PJGlide64 from dumping textures (that was the only thing not functioning), maybe I am wrong...
I also remember a compiler warning in VS2008 about png.

Edit: just recompiled and the warnings are in TxImage.cpp
7>c:\users\mary\documents\17-11-15\project64-master\source\glidehq\tximage.cpp(366) : warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'palette_ptr' used
7>c:\users\mary\documents\17-11-15\project64-master\source\glidehq\tximage.cpp(367) : warning C4700: uninitialized local variable 'trans_ptr' used
The code there:
    png_set_PLTE(png_ptr, info_ptr, palette_ptr, num_palette);
    png_set_tRNS(png_ptr, info_ptr, trans_ptr, num_palette, 0);
As far as I can tell PJGlide dumps the textures into _MEMORYCACHE.dat fine. To get the .png's, you need to use that 3rd party glide64 cache extract program, which converts the bmp's to png's for editing.

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