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Old 30th October 2014, 01:59 AM
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Unhappy Guys, I need help!! "Game pak can't be used"

Okay guys, i am new in here so bare with me..

I have tried to get this to work for hours now, but i just can't seem to get it to work.. No need to read my "pre-situation" if you can answer my "current situation" - scroll down to see the current one..

My pre-situation:
I wanted to try playing Pokémon Stadium again, and since i already had v1.6 of pj64, i thought i might give it a try.. then i figured, why not try to use my pokémon's from my saved game in PokéGold.. I found out that i can't do it just like that, i needed Nrage for it to work and i saw that pj64 had a build in version of Nrage. I went to youtube and saw a video about you needing to select "transfer pak" etc.. Since that was not possible with the build-in version of Nrage so i downloaded the new version, 2.3 of Nrage. I then couldn't find the new version in "Settings > Plugins > Input plugins"..
I tried to download the new version of pj64 (2.1), but the same resoult.. I then thought to my self "what the f...." and went online to research a bid... i read tons of websites, forums etc.. Nothing worked..
Then i thought, my versions of DLL's in my 2.1 pj64 plugins was all 1.xx fileversions, while my Nrage was 2.xx fileversion.. so i thought, hey!, why not try to download the newest 1.xx fileversion of Nrage which was the 1.83 version. IT WORKED!
I was so happy for a while, setting up my transfer pak and controls........

My current situation:
Then i opened the game and went to the screen that says something about game paks, but all it says is "Game pak can't be used" and my trainer ID is "?????" .. Which means i can't use my pokémons from my gameboy save...
I have the Nrage, controls + transfer pak settngs correct, saved in a pokécenter, used the correct rom + .sav game.. everything seems as it should be, but it is still not working... Help me out here guys!!

Windows XP sp3
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 v10.3 (something like that)
Pj64 v2.1
Nrage v1.83
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game pak, nrage, pj64 2.1, pokemon stadium, transfer pak

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