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Default Gamecube controller C-Stick issues

Hello everyone,

I'm facing a frustrating little issue while trying to map C Buttons on a gamecube pad's C-Stick. The input is correctly recognized on the control configuration menu, but in game it doesn't work.

I think the problem come from the fact that for a reason or another, Project64 doesn't allow me to use an analog input to replace a button input.

I precise that to test it, I've already mapped the N64 analog stick on the GC Pad's C-Stick and it works perfectly, and I tried it with another pad from one of my friend with exactly the same result, so the problem doesn't come from my controller.

I use an official GC pad and my adapter is the mimd 3 in 1 GC controller for Switch/WiiU/PC

So if anyone know how to fix this besides mapping C-buttons on the digital pad or on the X and Y buttons, please let me know.

The problem is not very important while playing Mario 64, but I want to try again GoldenEye after that, and for this one using C buttons is vital so I'm kinda stuck right now.

Thanks in advance.
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Okay guys problem solved, my project 64 version was too old, an update resolved the problem.

I leave this here for those who may have the same problem.

GoldenEye, here I come <3
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