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Originally Posted by Iconoclast View Post
None of the cheats work? Make a save state first so you can restore before the risks of turning this on, but try the equipment upgrades cheat. Most of the cheats work after a point or are hard to notice or are modifiers. In the case of levitation you have to press L--which isn't necessarily the 'L' button on your keyboard.

In general I've played through the game at least three full times without cheats as usual--once in emulation. Where do you see the need to levitate?
The cheats for bottles ended up working. Does the cheat mean "L" as in the button on my would-be controller?

The area I need to levitate is in Great Bay Temple. There's a room where you have to skip across the water using ice arrows to turn a green switch. Above that room there's a chest with a fairy in it. I have to use an ice arrow in a corner and then hookshot up. However, I either fall straight back down or the hookshot hits an invisible edge on the flooring. There's a specific spot I have to do it at I guess, but I can't get to it because I'm using a keyboard.

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Options Configure Controller Plugin will show mapped keys and what on your keyboard emulates the L button on your would-be controller.

I remember exactly what you mean. In fact I now remember considering using the levitation cheat, but I wanted a pure save file. I did it on my N64, so I knew I could do it again. And I did; it just took desperate positioning of Link. The greatest difficulty lies in that you are using a keyboard, and moving the hookshot even slightly moves it like an inch worth of monitor light whereas the N64 control stick is more detailed. I guess you're better off using levitation, but keep in mind I was able to do it with enough fret.
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