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Old 16th January 2017, 12:10 AM
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Default Mario Party glitch, and controller joystick range?

Hi, we started a new game at Mario Party (the first), and there's glitches: half of screen flashing in the mini-game Desert Dash, and a blue screen in the Bank that keep the bought items. I tried with both Jabot video plugin, and with Glide64 'Napalm WX" WIP Date: Feb 27 2010

Maybe there's a config or a different plugin that works fine i didn't tried yet, any known working config for this game? I tried with Project 64 v.2.3 and there's no glitch with the plugin "Glide64 For PJ64:", but unfortunately it keep crashing when using save states (especially when trying to load) not sure if it is due to the plugin itself or the new version of PJ64. I was unable to try "Glide64 For PJ64:" on v.1.6 of PJ64, but since PJ64 v.2.3 seem unstable when using save states, that's why i'm looking for a working solution on v.1.6

Also, i have a question about the controllers, me and my friends were barely able to play the mini-game "Cast Aways", because the joystick act as if we were pressing completely on it. It makes it impossible to grab the items from the 2 first row (the closest), it is only possible to catch the items on the farthest row (the 3rd row). It's like the emulator was unable to detect that there's a "range" with the joystick. We use F310 from Logitech. Searching in the options of the controller, we was unable to find anything that works to fix it. Any way to fix this?

Thanks for helping!

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