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Old 29th January 2010, 05:44 AM
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Default Having a problem with saving and loading games

I have read the manual on how to save and load games, cool. So I 'state' save a game(I press "1" on the key board). I try to re-load(F7) a file for Turok and Toy Story 2 but it says at the bottom: unable to load save state or it re-starts the emulation I'm not sure why that happens. I also tried to enable the mempack function for my controller and when I load any ROM it says it was unable to create/ open mempackfile. The description says: The system cannot find the path specified. I went back over the manual and either I am missing something or have a problem. I do use the N- rage controller input. I have Windows 7 I believe it is 64 bit I don't know if that will mean anything. The manual in the 'how to use pj64' i go to 'saving and loading game progress' doesn't really help much on like 'how' to save and load but I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I am new to emulators so any help would be awesome . I'm also not entirely sure how to use a 'native' or if the game does that at normal save points in the game or not. Anyhow, it seems my main problem has been listed above and would especially like to know more about the memory pack issue. Thank you.
Old 29th January 2010, 07:16 AM
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For the memory pak issue, in the configuration for N-Rage's DirectInput, for the first controller there should be a "Controller Pak" tab for setting add-ons like a memory pak.

For the issue with save states, you don't have to press a key like "1" first. Just pressing F5 without hitting any of the number keys will write without choosing a save state slot, now I wonder if that works.

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