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Default Can't install nrage Input 2.3c

Hey there!

I would like to play Pokémon Stadium with the n_rage Plugin, so I can connect my Pokßemon Red/Blue with the game. However, on Project 64 1.6 I didn't have any problems moving the .dll file of the n_rage Input in the plugin folder and loding it in the emulator. By 2.1 I have moved the file "NRage_Input_V2.dll" in my Input folder and in my 1.6 Plugins folder, however both won't work, I can't select the pluggins in my emulator. Sonce nobody seems to have those problems I wanted to ask how you connected the dll-File with the emulator so they would talk to each other?
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Because N-Rage 2.3c has XInput added for Xbox controllers and was built I think by Visual Studio 2010.

You can either:
  • Read the README for information about installing the DirectX::XInput layer update and the Microsoft 2010 CRT framework.
  • Downgrade to N-Rage 2.1 rc3 or something and only look for the Microsoft 2010 CRT framework, if you don't already have it.
  • Shunyuan made a build that requires only DirectX 8 and no CRT add-ons. The quickest solution would be to get his version from here assuming you are not interested in XInput support (eh, who should be).
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