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Old 23rd July 2018, 02:09 AM
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Solid Black Objects
8001218F 0034

Broken Plane Physics
8001219F 0000

Stiff Characters
800121BF 0001

Odd Lighting
8001221B 0000

Combined Image Madness
80012373 0090

Flat 3D Stuff
80012377 002C

Long Necks
810123CC 0000
810123CE 0000

3D Object Transparency Mod
810123E4 2408
810123E6 00xx
40=Very Transparent

Transparent Racers
80012403 0001

Transparent Objects
80012407 0000

Glitchy Lighting
8001247B 0008
Seizure warning.

Bright Areas Dark Objects
80012497 0044

Alt Bright/Dark Stuff
800124A7 0000

Bright Taj and T.T.
800124B2 00FB

Red Tint Taj
800124CF 001C

Alt Bright Taj/T.T.
800124FF 0000

Extra Things Visible
81012D70 240E
81012D72 0000
Note the red sphere on zipper arrows.

More 2D Shenanigans
80012DB7 0004

2D Sprite Insanity
81012DB4 240B
81012DB6 FFFF

Giant Stuff Insanity
80012DC4 00E4
Collisions of large sized things,prevents you from entering areas.

Exponentially Growing Racers
80012DD3 0030

Alt Exponential Growth
80012DDC 00C4

Another Broken Plane
80012E33 004C
Taj can bully you if you talk to him after changing to the plane.

Broken Plane
80012E37 0000

Terribly Broken Vehicles
80012E47 0004

Rotating Vehicles
80012E57 0004

Visually Floating Vehicles
81012E94 0000
81012E96 0000

Vehicle Ground Height
81012ECE xxxx
3E80=Partly Underground
4000=Slightly Above Ground
4080=Above Ground

Sharp Turn Gives A Small Jump?
80012F1C 00C4

Flat Drift Influence
81012FD8 240A
81012FDA 00xx
Pause for a bit to be displaced.
02=Up (sometimes down)
0A=Not Flat Float

Possessed Vehicles
80012FEF 0006
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0)

Edit: Added a 60fps alternative.

Another Smoothed 60fps
8106CABC 2402
8106CABE 0001
8106CAC0 AC22
8106CAC2 D404
8106CAC4 1000
81079E8C 2401
81079E8E 0000
Has same audio game hang issues by itself when grabbing too many bananas,just another alternate 60fps code.

Large Racers
80013128 0065

Racer Size Mod
8101313E xxxx

AI Racer LOD Hack
80013213 0000
8001321F 00xx
Note that I already posted a strong high-poly code earlier.
00=Same Result As Default
02-04=Less Detail
05=Lowest Detail

Tail-lights Always On
80013318 0065

Tail-lights Not On In Shade
8001332F 0000

Invisible 2D Sprites
800134E3 0000

Always Have Magnet Sparks/Insanity
80013E0F 00xx
00=Always Sparks
05=Magnet Physics Insanity
All racers have it,plane and hovercraft are broken on insanity.

Magnet Corrupts The Game
8001400B 0024
Funny to see.

Invisible 3D Stuff
800143EB 002C
Your wheels and fanblades are visible.

Corrupted Models
80014427 000C

Distorted Models
8001444B 0004

More Distorted Models
8001444B 0006
8001444F 0012

Graphical Overload Test
80014457 0008
Corrupted graphics so bad that it slows things down.

Bugged Graphics
81014454 2405
81014456 0004
Less intense.

Bizarre Animated Model Distortion
80014467 0005

Messy Models
8001447B 000C

Skin Textures?
80014497 0004

Missing Model Textures
800144A7 0000
Solid white,black,or blue or others.

Corrupting Model Polygons
81014520 0000
81014522 0000

Seizure Risk GPU Stresser
8001452F 004C
Very risky.

Smoothed Texture Corruption
80014532 00BB

Clustered Model Polygons
800145EF 0080

Glitchy Racer Models
8001474F 0008

Missing Model Polygons
800147A3 0002
Funny looking results.

Reveal Debug Setup Objects
81014844 2402
81014846 0000

Faster Object Actors
80014983 0004
Doors move fast,Tricky pillars fall faster and the boulder rolls faster.
Sadly breaks some loading zones randomly.
Needs save-state exploit of already being in the hub world to avoid freezing.

Bonus codes!

Frogs Remain Squished
80042357 0003

Frogs Don't Interact
80042359 0000

Alt Frantic Frogs
800423BB 0000

Immediate Frog Resquish
800423EB 0000
Stop on a frog to have it repeatedly get squished instead of hopping away.

Frog Ribbit Sound Mod
8104263E xxxx
0004=Laughing Kids
000E=Popping Balloons
000F=Recovering From Squish
0018=Get Ready!
0023=Whoa There!
0024=Hello Friend
0026=Oh Hoh!
0029=I've got something special for you
002D=You won first prize
002E=Conker Yeh-haha
002F=Timber Whoa!
0032=This is for you
0035=Wizpig Head Laugh
0038=Rocket Control
0039=Shuttle Closing
003C=Bumper Oh No!
003F=Blast Off!
0042=Diddy Voice
0043=Guh Huh!
0044=Diddy Hiihiihiihaha
0045=Pipsy Laughing
0046=Timber Yeah!
0048=Tricky Laughing
0049=I am the genie of the island
004A=Pipsy Yeah-heh!
004B=I'm here to help you
004C=Good Luck
004D=Character Laugh?
004E=Timber Laughing
0050=T.T. Yipee! Let's party!
0051=Wizpig Laughing
0052=Wizpig Laugh
0053=Sorry to break the party
0054=Well lookee here! Its the little worm!
0056=See ya' later worms!
0057=Wizpig Laugh 2
0059=If you can beat me again
005A=I'll give you a special prize
0066=Wrong Way!
0067=No No No!
006B=Wizpig Chuckle
006C=Wizpig No! No!
006D=Angry Wizpig
006E=Sad/Angry Wizpig
0072=Wizpig Losing Control
0073=Krunch Laughing
0075=Wizpig Distressed
0076=Bock x5
0077=Goodbye kid!
0078=Banjo Gah Hoo!
0079=Bluey Collect all of the silver coins
0085=Now try the trophy challenge
0086=You won a piece of the amulet!
0087=My name's Krunch
0088=My name's Bumper
0089=Hey! Its Tiptup
008A=I'm Conker
008C=I'm Banjo!
008D=My name's Drumstick
008E=I'm Pipsy
008F=I'm T.T.
0090=I'm Diddy. Hoohah!
0091=You can come back when you're ready
0092=Aw,nevermind kid
0093=Krunch Ehh!
0094=Bumper Oh!
0095=Tiptup Uhh!
0096=Conker Aah!
0097=Timber Rah!
0098=Banjo Uh-whooah!
009A=Pipsy Uh-oh!
009B=T.T. Whoa!
009C=Diddy WHOA!
009D=Collect 8
009E=And then come back
00A3=Tricky Doh!
00A5=Dragon Breathing
00A6=Dragon Grunt
00A7=Bluey Hey!
00A8=Bluey Oh No!
00AE=Hovercraft Bounce
00B3=Tricky Laughing
01A4=Drumstick Cluck

Frog Hop Animation Mod
80042688 00xx
00=Real Crazy (breaks game with sounds)
02=Squished (sadly lacks splort sound)
03=After Squished Recover

Lazy Frogs
810426E2 7FFF
Much less hopping unless provoked.

Frantic Frogs
800426F5 0000
Faster hopping rate.

Crazy Frantic Frogs
800426A3 0001
800426F5 0000
Teleport speeds.

Frogs Get Auto-squished Randomly
8004280F 0000
Even when not touching them.

Squishing Drumstick Frog Doesn't Unlock Him
8004281C 0010
Combine with above to prevent the permanent unlock DFrog vanish.

Unlock Drumstick On Any Frog
8004281F 0000

Frog Squished Sound Mod
8104242E xxxx
81042822 xxxx
0098=Banjo Uh-whooah

Frog Squish Recovery Mod
800428B3 00xx
00=Stay Squished
01=Stay Squished Hopping
02=Stay Squished Stuck (So mean!)
04=Quick Recover

Drumstick Frog Unlock Mod
81042462 xxxx
81042856 xxxx
0000=Disable Unlock (allows repeat squishing for essentially practicing)
0001=Unlock T.T. Instead
0003=Unlock Both Drumstick And T.T.
FFFF=Add All Cheats?!? (even buggy named ones)

Frog Squish Recover Sound Mod
810428FE xxxx

Squished Frog New Height
8104292E xxxx

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Starting up Majora's Mask codes,hope I find some as crazy as the OOT codes or crazier.

Majora's Mask (U)

Broken Ocarina
800851FB 0019
Wrong pitch and prevents songs from working.

Out Of Tune Ocarina
800852Bf 0000
Songs still work.

Headache Camera
80086834 0066
May not work well on newer PJ64 version/s due to spammed errors.

GTA1 Style Glitch Camera
8008683C 0066
Can go the opposite position.

Unsteady Camera
8008684C 00E4

Restless Legs
80086858 0066

Topsy Turvy Camera
8008688C 0066
Movement direction can be swapped.

Glitchy Side-scroller Camera
800868A4 0066

Displaced Camera
800868BC 0066

Weird Legs
8008690E 003D

Spazzy Legs
80086918 0065

Twirling Legs
80086938 00E4

Link Is DONE
8008701C 00E4
Eye expression of him not caring or closed eyes.

Broken Item Spawns
800871FB 000C
Nothing comes out or gets used besides Deku Sticks.

Empty Areas
8008746D 0000
Milk Road still has stuff.

Broken Views
80088527 00xx
01=Flat Broken
02=Chunks Broken

Deformed Characters
8008852E 0001
Camera is also screwed up.

Zeddan Majja
80088533 0080
Geddan but Majora's Mask.

Randomly Vanishing Polygons
8008855B 00E4

Discumbobulated Stuff
8008855E 0004

Thin Limbs
8008856F 0040

Fog Strength Mod
8108AACE xxxx
3E00=Really Foggy

Broken Drawing Priority
8008AAE4 0066
Likely to not work on newer PJ64 versions.

Invisible Weird Depth
8008AAF4 00C4

Squishy Views
8008AAF8 00C4

Skybox Shrouds View
8008AC90 00E7

Very Weird Camera
8008B708 00E7

Cull Camera
8008B710 00E7

Oddball Camera
8008B718 00E7

Tilting Camera
8008B78C 00E7

Dutch Angles
8008B7CC 00C7

Warping Camera
8008B7D4 0066

Squished Width
8008B7F8 0066

Inside Out Rendering
8008B850 0066
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Old 10th September 2018, 07:09 AM
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I found some basic Kirby image mods,sorry that this doesn't make it so Kirby looks like other fighters.
I really want that capability myself but could never figure it out.

Super Smash Bros. (U)

Copy Ability Image Mod
D1161F88 8566
81161F88 2406
D1161F8A 0002
81161F8A 00xx
00=Normal Kirby
01=Absorption Kirby
02=Stone Kirby
03=Jiggly Kirby
04=Kong Kirby
05=Yoshi Cap Kirby
06=Pikachu Cap Kirby
07=CRASH (Fox)
08=Samus Helmet Kirby
09=Captain Kirby
0A=Link Kirby
0B=Luigi Hat Kirby
0C=Mario Hat Kirby
0D=Ness Cap Kirby
0E=Faceless Yoshi Cap Kirby
0F=Glitched Mess Kirby?!?
10=Face Section Kirby???
11=Yoshi Tongue!
12=Link's Boomerang Kirby
13=Fox's Gun Kirby
14=Blank Kirby?

Kirby Image Mod
810D7E80 2406
810D7E82 00xx
Reverts to normal Kirby if you copy then lose an ability.
Pit death brings back your modded image.
00-06 and 08-14=Images Like Above

Kirby Dropped Copy Image Mod
D10D7E80 2406
8116362C 2406
D10D7E80 2406
8116362E 00xx
Use with Kirby image mod,it relies on that code via activators in order to work.
00-06 and 08-14=Same As Above

Absorb and Stone Kirby Image Mod
810E0000 2406
810E0002 00xx
Very limited and conflicting due to errors... SUCC
01=Default? Yoshi Tongue?!?
02=Stone Kirby

Kirby Suction Face Mod
810DFFF0 2405
810DFFF2 00xx
07=Eating Own Face
11=Wielding Gun
13=Fused Faces

Faster Kirby Image Mod Over-ride
810E8F38 2419
810E8F3A 00xx
Changes whenever switching images via stone attack or suction.
Suction doesn't like this code.
00-06 and 08-14=Values Above
07=Fox Ears Helmet Kirby! (works here)
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Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Glitchy Racer Size and AI LOD?
800154F4 00E4

Glitchy Object Impacts
8001567F 0004

Trees Infinitely Hit After One Impact
80015687 0018

Phase Through Objects
8001572B 0018
Even Taj but also entrances.

Alt Phase Through
80015733 0000

Unfair Collisions
810158B0 1000

Broken Square Shadows
800158D3 0050

Broken Object Displacement
800158D4 00E6

Bouncy Displaced Stuff
800158E0 00E6

More Bouncy Stuff
80015910 00E6

Object Collision Knockback Mod
810159E2 xxxx
4180=Really Strong

Slightly Unfair Knockback Range
81015CF2 4018

Warp Bonk
80015D18 0066

Frequent Knockback Blockage
81015DEC 0000
81015DEE 0000

No Knockback Response
80016157 0000
No voice or reaction,just knocked back physically.

Trees Relocate When Hit
800161C0 00E4

Trees Warp On Hit
800161CC 00E4

Bumping Racers Causes Dead Stop
8001656C 00C7

Bump Into Racer Sound Mod
8101661A xxxx
0077=Goodbye Kid!
012C=Sherbet Island
0130=Whale Bay

Bump Sound Volume Boost
80016627 0024

Bump Stuff For Condition Changes
8101669A xxxx
Excludes walls.
0003=Become Audibly T.T.
01D3=Emit Fiery Smoke
01DB=Long Spin-out
01ED=Short Squishing

Bump Voice Sounds Shifter?
810166A6 xxxx
01C6=Banjo as Diddy?

Stuff Strong Knockback
800166BC 00E6

Instant Turn On Bump
8001670F 00FA

Dinosaur Collision Size?
80016822 xxxx
Ancient Lake green dino.
3D49=Can Drive Through

Phase Through Dinosaur
81016844 1000

Grapple Dinosaur's Tail
800169EF 0001

Frogs Not Squishable
81016F10 1000
Also don't run from you.

All Frogs Always Squishing
80016F13 0001
Unlocks Drumstick if his frog was there.

Doors Have Wacky Collision
800170E2 007E
These door codes may also affect the pillars on Tricky's race.

Displaced Doors
800170F4 00E4
Includes Wizpig head.

Doors At Wrong Height
80017104 00E4

Another Displacced Doors
80017114 00E4
Different spots,even the trophy race panel has moved!

Double Doors Wrong Distances
80017138 00E4

Doors Pushy Collision
80017178 00C4

Doors Like To Squish You
80017190 00C7

Doors Are Mean
810171AE xxxx
Touch one to get tilted or sent flying,trophy stand is even more mean.
3FD0=Stick To Trapped

Colliding Doors Warps You
800171C7 0094

More Displaced Doors
800171F8 00E4

Doors And Stuff Fling You Away
80017200 00C7
Touch to get flinged away.

Another Fling
80017218 00C7

Wildly Displacing Doors
800172F8 00E4

Doors Always Open
81017330 0000
81017332 0000
May not work when you lack the needed balloons.

Alt Always Open
80017354 0064

Stubborn Doors
80017360 0010
You have to push against them in certain ways to make them open.

Doors Won't Open But Can Be Clipped Through
80017373 0000

Doors More Likely To Open
8001738B 0000

Phase Through Doors
800173D4 0010
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At one of those points where it takes a while to get to good amounts of codes.

Diddy Kong Racing (U) (V1.0)

Reminder; Door codes may also affect objects.

Messed Up Driving
8001748F 0084
You tilt in a variety of ways.

Alt Doors Lack Collision
800174EF 0000
Could work better.

Doors and Stuff Always Squishing You when Near
800176B7 0090
If stuck,try going in reverse.

Wacky Object Collision
80017D20 00E7
Doors and stuff can tilt you on impact.

Another Door Tilt
80017D2C 0066

Derp AI Racers
80017F0F 0009
What are they doing?!? Can't even complete the race due to laps.

Auto Win Races
80017FF7 0060
Exit the race soon enough or the game will freeze.

Broken AI Race Paths
800181BA xxxx
3FC0=Derp AI Racers
4680=Very Broken
Can still beat normally while AI gets dumb.

Can't Finish Tricky Race
800181E3 0040
End doesn't trigger,normal races have slightly dumb AI.

Different Quick Race Win
8001820F 0084
Laps count almost immediately then you win.

Confused AI Racers
80018242 0042

Broken Race Laps
8101861C 240F
8101861E 0001
Can finish in a weird way.

Underground Mode
8001883C 00E4
Unplayably broken.

Rough Bouncy Tracks
80018AD0 00E4

High End CPU Benchmark
8101923C 2418
8101923E 7FFF
Makes my limited laptop slow to a crawl while N64 cpu usage is really high.
Appears to only work on PJ64 1.7 versions.

Weirdly Hard Egg Hatch Game
80019873 003E

Keep Going After Egg Hatch Loss
81019BFC 1000
May run into error after you get 3 eggs in this condition.

Losing Egg Hatch Is Worse
80019D6B 00xx
Egg hatch codes may also affect other modes.
3D=Win Jingle

Confused Race Laps
80019F17 0068
Funny racer AI movement as well.
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Old 20th October 2018, 09:47 AM
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Some interesting codes in here +1
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Banjo-Tooie (U)

Actor Modifier
81108CA0 0C04
81108CA2 8000
81120000 2408
D1120002 0000
81120002 007D
81120004 1488
81120006 0002
81120008 0000
8112000A 0000
8112000C 2404
8112000E 010C
81120010 0802
81120012 25D4
D0081084 0008
81120002 xxxx
D0081084 0004
81120002 xxxx
D0081084 0002
81120002 xxxx
D0081084 0001
81120002 xxxx
Press D-pad directions to swap objects the next time you enter an area or the next time they spawn.
Example values for the xxxx or to replace 010C with;
0111=Wall Chomps
0131=Green Ugs
0150=GGM Cowboys
0229=Normal Honeycombs
0290=Mother Styracosaurus
02AE=Torch Baddy (BETA)
032B=Big Al
032D=Salty Joe
04BC=Dead Bottles
Defaults on changing some random object into Ssslumber the Snake.
Now more global than ever before!
I may improve this in the very near future to swap a multitude of objects at once.
Go to the link below for the list of values,change the 010C into one of those to replace the button activator objects with that.


Edit: Damn limitations forcing me to put other values here instead!!!

001E=Warp Pad Tutorial 1?
001F=Warp Pad Tut 2?
0047=Near MT Exit Object?
0048=Near MT Mumbo Object?
0056=Wooded To Village Object
0080=Relic Thingy Spot?
0086=Wooded HAG Path Object?
0087=Wooded HAG Path Object?
00AE=Tresury IntDoor Air Object?
00B4=Wooded HAG Path Object Air?
00B5=Wooded HAG Path Object Air?
010D=Treasury Targets
010E=Treasury Bottom Door
0122=Varied Objects
0125=More Treasure Spots?
0127=Treasure Low Pile Spot?
0161=MT Climb Top End Object?
0164=Mumbo Zapstick Effect?
01BD=Highest Treasure Pile Spot?
01D1=MT Waterside Object?
01D6=MT Waterside Object?
01D7=Music Note Nests
01EA=Treasury Bottom Entrance Object?
01F5=Stray Jinjo
01F7=Extra Honeycombs
01F8=Mumbo Caller Spot?
01F9=Climbing Poles
01FA=Climbing Related Object
01FB=Another Climb Related
0201=MT Treasury Top Door
0243=Misc. Shadows
0252=Near Treasury Exit?
0289=Treasury Cave Ledge Obj.?
02B0=Mumbo Pads
02F7=Near Low Treasury Shockspring?
030B=Jamjars Get Over Here Msg.?
0364=Treasury Cave Gate
0391=MT Entrance Door
03FE=Near MT Ruins? Object
0420=Shocking Object???
0429=Roman I Switch
0431=Danger Door 2
0438=Zombie Jingaling
043C=Bottles' Son w/ Plane (can anyone remember his name?)
043E=Nut Baddy (nyut!)
043F=Washer Ring Baddy
0440=Bolt Baddy
0442=Clinker Twinklies Minigame
044A=Multiplayer Hoop Hurry
044C=Multiplayer Balloon Burst
044D=Multiplayer Twinklies?
044E=Something Shatters
0451=Chompa's Belly Minigame
0455=Chompa's Belly Minigame (no cut-scene/MP?)
045D=Lord Woo Fak Fak
0462=Fire Imp Baddy
0463=Mumbo Skull
0464=Paper Baddies
0465=Area Title?
046B=Flower Baddy
046F=Steam Effect
0471=Turbo Trainers (has time for usage! at least via baddy swap)
0472=Kazooie Boulder
0473=Rattling Chain?
047F=Onion Spike Platform (invokes 60fps then 15fps if hurt by it)
048E=Map Data Related? (glitched Jinjo house interior color)
048F=Home Jinjo
0495=Mumbo Wall Segment
04A7=Main Menu???
04A8=Blank Save 1 Portrait
04A9=Main Menu Object
04AA=Kazooie Wants To talk
04AB=Main Menu Object?
04AC=Main Menu Object
04AD=Submarine Minigame
04B1=Jiggy Power Level Unlock Cutscene
04B2=Hint Object?
04B9=Main Menu Object
04C9=Treasury Top Door Object?
04DC=MT Steps Object?
04DD=MT Entrance Object?
04EA=Bottles' Gate To Hollow
04EB=Map Visual Actor? (Jingaling zombie castle effect)
04F0=Near Some Entrances Object?
04F8=Bottles' Door (party block)
04F9=Bottles' House Objects (party lights?)
04FD=Destructive Fire Angel/Devil Bottles??? (overloads the game)
0500=Gobi's Spit?
050A=Yellow Light Source Flare
051A=Secret B-K Cartridge
051C=Guffo Minigame
0528=Camera Angle?
0535=Wall Cheat Collision Objects?

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More values for the Banjo-Tooie actor swap code.

000F-0011=More Stuff
0015=Near GGM Exit
0016=Near GGM Station
0020=Third Warp Pad Spot
0021=Fourth Warp Pad Spot?
0022=Fifth Warp Pad Spot?
0027=Near GGM Station?
0028=In Chuffy's Boiler?
003E=Near Fuel Storage Air?
003F=Near GGM Station Air
0047=Near GGM Exit
0048=Near GGM Mumbo Air
0049=Prison Compound Air Object?
004A=Near GGM Crusher
004B=Above MT Kickball Exit?
0051=In Chuffy's Boiler?
0053=In Chuffy's Boiler?
0061=On Crusher Roof
0084=In Haunted Cavern?
0085=Another Near Quicksand??
0086=Another Near Quicksand
00B2=In Haunted Cavern?
00B3=In Haunted Cavern?
0118=Old King Coal
011B=GGM Water Gate
011F=Star Switch
0121=Sun Switch
012E=MT Pillars (outdoors)
0137=Gobi Escape Scene?!?
0138=WW Styracosaurus Escape Scene?!?
013A=Strength Cactus Bell
013B=Strength Cactus Peg?
013C=Mr. Patch?
0140=Bear Kid Spot
0141=Soggy Kid Spot?
0142=Groggy Spot/Bear?!? (Taxi Pack Spawn)
0145=Boulder Pile
0148=Heat Squishy Effect
014A=Blocking Shed
014B=Jail Cell Door
014C=Horror Cave Locks
014D=Entrance Form Bouncer
014E=Twinkly Numbers
0151=Bill's Box
0152=Dilberta (cutscene path?)
0155=Yellow Kickball
0158=Swap Cloud
016B=Claw Clamber Path?
016C=Clamber Path Again?
016D=Claw Clamber Path End?
016E=Lair Bridge Ends
017A=GGM Crushers
017B=Crusher Treads
017E=Jiggy Boulder?
0180=Jiggy Chunk Spawn Point?
01A4=HailFire Kickball Doors
01AB=Generator Lights 1
01AD=Generator Lights 2
01AF=Generator Lights 3
01B1=Generator Lights 4
01B3=Generator Lights 5
01B5=Generator Lights 6
01B7=Kickball Scene Actor?
01B8=Kickball Bomb
01BE=Chris P. Bacon?
01C0=Near Lagoon UFO?
01C1=In Front Of Honey B. ?
01D2=Atop Spiral Mountain?
01DA=Pebble Guard
01DB=Funny Shoes Guard
01E0=Haunted Cavern End Object?
01FE=Ice Encasing Sabreman
01FF=Crate Items?
0200=TNT Box Stick
021F=Other Jiggies?
0226=Wumba Talk Spot?
024C=Wall Lights
024D=Near GGM Wumba's?
024F=SM Waterfall Exit Object
0253=Left Side Oogle Boogle Object?
0254=Near Chompasaurus Bridge Switch?
027F=Hailfire Pillar Related???
0281=HailFire Train Doors
028B=GI Damaged Roof Exhaust
028C=Bazza Battery
0293=Ran Off Styracosaurus
0294=Cap'n Blubber? (curse temporary stuff!)
0297-Above Lagoon Mumbo Pad?
0299=Heggy Egg Scene Objects?
029A=Exploding Pufferfish
029C=Water Supply Fanblade
029D=Real Doubloons
029E=Red Kickball
02A2=Saucer of Peril
02AA=Generator Related?
02AB=Another Generator Related?
02B3=Green Relic Thingies
02B4=MT Shootout Object?
02BA=Large TNT Stick Baddies
02BC=Ordnance Storage Exit Object?
02BF=Clinker Wall Mini-Game
02C0=Near GI Sewer Exit?
02F9=Mumbo Magic Object?
02FB=Near Sacred Chamber Doors
0300=Chompasaurus Landing Spot
0301=Bridge To Chompasaurus
0307=Dodgem Bumper Doors
030C=Peril Saucer Door
0312=Near Jiggy Boulder
0313=Station Minecar
0314=Broken Fuel Minecar
0316=Chuffy Collision Object
031F=School Of Fish?
0320=Varied Object Spawn Points?
0321=Boiler Related?
0326=Steam Fizzling?
0333=Conga Exit Path?
0339=Top Of Inferno?/Temp Shockspring Pad
033B=Temp Shockspring Pad Switch
033C=TNT Box Stick Explosion/Bill Drill?
0344=WW Train Doors?
0341=Weldar Doors
0345=Red Electric Wall Panel
0349=Barrels In Sludge
034C=Crazy Castle
0350=Burst Balloons
0351=Crazy Castle Doorway?
0356=Hurry Hoops
0357=??? WW and TDL Object?
0358=Center of Tiptup Area?
0359=Tiptup Related?
0367=Kazooie Filtration Grate
0368=Kazooie Supply Grate GGM
036B=Lagoon Dirt Patches
036C=Lagoon Split-up Chest
036D=Sunken Ship Objects?
0371=SM Waterfall Height Object?
0373=Various Spots Star Spinner?
0377=Dragon Bosses (severely bad compatibility)
0378=Dragon Boss Cannons
0379=Chilli Billi Fireball
037A=Cannon Eggs
037B=Dragon Boss Gate?
037C=Mingy Jongo
037E=Mingy Jongo Floor Panel
0381=Wumba Magic Pool Object??
0384=Train/Caged Canary Mary???
0385=Fuel Canary Mary???
0387=Power Previews?
0388=Water Flow Related?!?
0389=Another Water Thing???
038C=Train Doors?
038E=Near Hailfire Cliff Bridge
039E=Dodgem Dome Door?
039F=Dodgem Dome Door?
03A0=Near Top Of TDL
03A1=Dodgem Dome Object?
03A3=Dropping Floater Pig
03A4=Third Arm Pig
03A5=Unga Bunga Door Guard
03AA=Terry Unhatched Egg
03AB=Rocknut Tribesman
03AD=Dippy Talk Spot?
03AE=Near Weldar Cheato Page?
03AF=Wind Current
03BD=Security Camera
03C1=Piranha Door
03C7=Crazy BK Door
03C8=Crazy Kazooie Door
03CD=Filthy Water Flow?
03D0=Center of Outdoor CCL?
03D4=Madame Grunty Curtain
03D8=In Front of Nest Entrance (outdoors)
03DA=Boiler Related Object?
03DD=Large Chained GI Platform
03DF=Pine Grove Center Water Object?
03E1=Mildred Icecube And Stuff
03E2=Item Icecubes
03E7=HailFire Sky High Object?
03E8=Washing Machine Cracked Grate
03E9=Fire Hand
03EF=Roysten Goldfish
03F2=GI Glass Windows
0400=Unknown HailFire Object
0406=GI Train Doors
0408=Pot of Gold Elevator
040A=CCL Dirt Patches
0413=Cable Zaps
0414=CCL Water Drain Kazooie Rock?
0415=CCL Water Drain Actor?
0416=Radiation Protection Wall
041C=Ice Sicle Platforms
041E=Klungo Bosses
041F=Klungo 1 Entrance Door
0428=Unknown Object HailFire
042A=Roman Switch Bridges Related?
042D=Dippy,Seeker of Beverages
0432=Another Oil Drum Baddy?
0437=Patch Flight Pad?
0439=Pig's Water Banjo Switch
043A=Hot Water Damager
0441=Dippy Water Actor???
044B=Additional Lighting?
0452=Blue Bacteria
0453=Green Bacteria
0454=Red Bacteria
0456=Alien 1
0457=Alien 2
0458=Ledge Alien
045A=Dead Alien
0468=On Weldar's Head?
046A=Near Weldar Cheato Page Again?
046E=Big Top Interior Curtain
0470=Permanent Quagmire Shockspring Switch
0477=Mr. Fit Sack Race?
0478=Mr. Fit High Jump Spot/s?
0479=Mr. Fit Outjumped?
047A=End of Sack Race?
047B=Foot Race End?
047D=CCL Transport Flowers
0482=Grunty's Eyeball Plants
0487=Near Floatius Floatum?
0496=Named Locker Doors and Woo Fak Fak Door
049B=TDL Train Doors
04A4=HailFire Building Chunk
04B8=Health Extenders
04BA=Hot Fish
04BB=Near Boggy?
04BD=Jolly's Wall (indoors)
04C4=Tent Big Top Roof
04C6=Cheese Wedge Roof
04C8=Next To Workers Quarters?
04D8=Chuffy Wagon Object?
04DB=Near GI Level Entrance
04E6=Big Top Tickets?
04E7=Permanent Shockjump Switch
04E8=Permanent Appearing Shockjump Pad
04E9=Diarrhea Sickness Workmate?
04ED=Humba Wumba Photo Actor
04EE=Near Lagoon Mumbo Pad
04F1=HAG1 Room Elevator
04F4=Mortar Shrapnel
04FA=SM Cracked Wall Grate
04FB=In HailFire Train Area?!?
04FC=Near Lower HP Icy Side Warp Pad
04FD=Chilly/Chili Iceball/Fireball?
04FE=Weldar Jiggy Door
0501=Chompasaurus Landing Spot?
0510=Near Quicksand?
0511=Heggy Paths??? (010C moves around!)
0518=Pine Grove Gate
051E=Canary Cage Door?
051F=Train Path Warning?
0520=Train Path Warning?
0521=Peril Saucer Doorway Object?
0522=WW Exit Object?
0528=Tower of Tragedy Quiz Actor?
0529=1 Ton Weight Related?
052B=Quiz Podiums
052C=1 Ton Weights
052D=Chuffy Wagon Object?
052F=Magnet Stuff???
0531=Jolly Room Bed
0533=Trashcan Interior Door
0534=In Front Of Jolly?
053C=In MT Shootout and Chambers

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Another set of codes for replacing what spawns instead of Groggy via enabling Groggy clones.

Groggy Split-up Actor Mod
81108CA0 0C04
81108CA2 8000
81120000 2408
81120002 0142
81120004 1488
81120006 0002
81120008 0000
8112000A 0000
8112000C 2404
D112000E 0000
8112000E 0156
81120010 0802
81120012 25D4
D1081084 0220
8112000E 0157
D1081084 0120
8112000E 0156
Press L+D-pad Left/Right to switch between Banjo/Kazooie pads.

Groggy Clone Hack
D0081084 0088
80127083 0001
D0081084 0084
80127083 0000
D0081084 0082
801354F8 0002
D0081084 0081
801354F8 0001
8112ABA4 8008
8112ABA6 6870
8012ABBB 0032
Use the actor mod above and press A+D-pad left to gain backpack use
then press A+D=pad Up to fill the backpack and use the
Taxi Pack move (Z+C-Left then B) to place a split-up pad you
selected to make both pads close to each other then press
A+D-pad Right to restore B-K mode and finally use the split-up
pads at your leisure to mess around in more areas.


Groggy Cloner DX
D0081084 0088
80127083 0001
D0081084 0084
80127083 0000
8112ABA4 8008
8112ABA6 6870
8012ABBB 0032
Press A+D-pad Up for access and A+D-pad Down to disable.

Combine with the following custom object mod below...

Groggy Clone Object Mod
81108CA0 0C04
81108CA2 8000
81120000 2408
81120002 0142
81120004 1488
81120006 0002
81120008 0000
8112000A 0000
8112000C 2404
D112000E 0000
8112000E xxxx
81120010 0802
81120012 25D4
0112=Moggie Baddy
0143=Bullion Bill
0149=Red TNT Barrel
0150=GGM Cowboy
0156=Kazooie Swap Pad
0157=Banjo Swap Pad
0204=Falling Leafs
0211=Honey Farm
0239=Skivvy Workmate's Clothes
0291=Sick Styracosaurus
02AE=Beta Torch Baddie
02FC=Mean Fish
031D=Cap'n Blackeye
031E=Large Eel
0327=Dracula Mallet Rat
0328=Cowboy Mallet Rat
0329=Frankenstein's Monster Mallet Rat
032A=Alien Mallet Rat
032B=Big Al and His Burger
032D=Salty Joe and Some Fries
032F=Burger Roof
0331=Fry Roof
035E=Octopus (weirdly green)
035F=Anenemy (Sea Anemone)
0360=Jolly Roger
036F=Terry Boss/NPC (depends on save condition)
039B=Dinosaur Baddy
03A6=Cold Caveman
03A9=TDL Nest Fire (put out with ice egg)
03B2=Big Industrial Fan
03B3=Long Rotating Pipe
03C3=Industry Walrus Baddy
03C9=Pirate Baddy
03D3=Electric Fence
03E5=Bigfoot Baddy
03F0=Barrel Drum Baddy
0401=HailFire Wall Gargoyle
0426=Ice Spike Baddy
042B=Another Cold and Hungry Caveman
042C=Cold and Hungry Caveman (with two sticks)
0438=Zombie Jingaling (spawn issues)
043B=Mrs. Bottles
043D=Goggles W/ DK Toy
043E=Nut Baddy (nyut!)
043F=Washer Ring Baddy
0440=Bolt Baddy
045D=Lord Woo Fak Fak
0460=Trap Bubble
0463=Mumbo Skull
0464=Paper Baddies
046B=Flower Baddy
0475=Guffo the Beans
047E=Jelly Landing Pad
047F=Onion Spike Platform (invokes 60fps then 15fps if hurt by it)
0484=Hailfire Oil Rig
0491=Gun Powder Barrel
04A5=Boggy (instead of Groggy)
04AF=Jiggy Podium
04B0=Honey B.
04BC=Dead Bottles
04C7=Gelatin Skin Platform
050B=Jelly Platform of Jumping
050C=Jelly Castle!
050E=Giant Bottle
0530=Old Sled (B-K nostalgia)

Extra code;

Some Actors Return
81108C40 240E
81108C42 0000
Destructables and Klungo's cut-scene model and dead bottles and more spawn again,sadly lacks the return of defeated bosses.
Side effects are that you can't enter HailFire Peaks because of the door returning and getting trapped in the Chuffy Boiler because the door closes on you.

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