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Default Research Mode (Virtual Chess 64)

Obviously some of the more useful wishes in a game can be granted in terms of just on and off.
Since virtualchess is only 4 MB, if I search for a value of 1, my results list won't be flooded beyond use.

Sadly there is no in-game option to have the engine analyze a position and never stop. Even difficulty level 12 or meditation overnight still won't beat the 120-Ply-deep engines that can see, thereby, 60 full moves into the future from the present, if you wait long enough. Meditation over a 24-hour waiting period with VC will likely get you 12 Ply at least...maybe 14 in an endgame position. The statistics are reliable, but if you want the engine to think forever, (theoretically, in that confirming checkmate as forced ends progress) use this cheat code.

800E7F2F 0003
I searched for value=1 while analysis was active. When I forced analysis to stop by executing the currently chosen move, I searched for 0. Through patience and testing, I saw that one address affecting the status of the engine's activity was 0x0E7F2F. Setting this to 1 instead of 0x03 did keep it going, but the difficulty level limited its reality progress so that the engine would loop back to 0 nodes and reset. I just guessed forward: 02 forced no analysis like 00 did, and 03 happened to continue it without reset.
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Surprising somewhat
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