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Originally Posted by retroben View Post
Pointer codes are a special type of code that automatically sets codes to their new address position whenever the address data itself changes its location.

You will understand this if you ever used them on cheat engine.
Nah, I pretty much suck at cheats. In short of disassembling the code and doing a manual analysis of it I fail with hacking out a majority of codes. All I really know how to do for something like that in short of like I said reading the MIPS code is using the search engine built into Renegade/nemu64/Project64 1.7+.

And the search engine works well normally but is naturally going to be inflexible to pointer updates and redirection of segment targets.

So I don't know of a really easy way to do it, maybe using some of those rubber condoms the above poster guy would have kindly provided if his fat ass wasn't banned all the way up to the moon first.

This happened with SSB once.
Rather than fully look at the pointer table I just made a tree of conditional D codes in the GS to dynamically adjust the pointer based on the fighting world.
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Sadly,Banjo-Tooie works differently for pointer based codes.
Not only do they change address locations every time you enter a different area,they also just randomly change in the very same room you are already in.
You can easily trigger this change immediately by using a clockwork kazooie egg.

Warning(I'm serious!):If you easily get motion sickness,I advise you to only use the no frameskip code at "1 frames skipped" for Banjo-Kazooie because it looks really trippy compared to Banjo-Tooie.
Banjo Kazooie v1.0 (U)
Always Skip One Frame
802808DF 0001

Edit:I found the benny hill code for Banjo-Kazooie.

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