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Default Star Wars: Battle of Naboo stable run

I got Star Wars: Battle of Naboo to run fairly nicely (playable speed), I just need to get that flying camera firmly planted behind the player. Does anyone have a solution to this?

Steps to Get Battle of Naboo to run:

My plugin settings is in the attachments in this post (not img linked due to forum limitations)

First set up the Rom info has follows:
These settings below apply to my laptop’s specs (but I think they would work generally):

CPU: AMD Turionx64 2.2GHz
RAM: 2GB of PC2-5300 Laptop
Graphics: ATI X1200 integrated POS(128MB with a 768MB buffer) – WDDM 1.0 legacy vista
Windows Server 2008 R2 EE AMD64 – evil brother of Win7 (don’t ask – after enough engineering work if I have to use Windows... I stick with the server variant)
Hacked Avalon Engine and modified split acceleration.level entries (via registry) to fool the ATI drivers – taught my WDDM 1.0 card to run laps like a 1.1 card (it can almost do 1080p Youtube – BD is doable)

Anyhow – without further ado:

Follow the below to the Letter except for Counter Factor (this depends on your computer – if you have a fast system then try 3... I have to use 5 to get decent speed). Note: CPU Core style here I run in recompiler, it is the RSP itself I have to switch between recompiler and interpreter.

Enable the Debugger

Select Interpreter for the RSP CPU Method to get the game to boot and getting through the starting menus and getting to the first level (if you miss the interpreter/recompiler RSP setting from PJ64 1.6, it’s buried in the Debug Menus shown below).

This gets by the below error after the Memory expansion pack screen which I am sure all have seen at one point:

Note: While having the RSP in Interpreter mode... sometimes the game will hang with high VI’s at a transition point (eg. after Star Wars scroller and just before the scene where the Tie fighters fly from the mother ship down ot the planet below), if this happens then a switch back to recompiler must be done to get by the hang up (save state just before as switching the RSP can cause Windows to kill the EMU outright). Once in the first level – the RSP can be switched to recompiler to get some needed speed back.
Attached Images
File Type: png Annying 597 Error.png (4.9 KB, 149 views)
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File Type: jpg RSP Choice.jpg (20.3 KB, 148 views)

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Some Level screenshots showing the erratic zoom:

The shots were done with Z64GL as they were a bit easier to grab (Jabo's plugin has a bad habit of tossing 100's of error dialogs stopping emulation). The same result can be seen with Jabo's plugin... but setting D3D Clear to always does clean up the view (but the HUD is not rendered properly).

Z64GL - smacked into the wall

Z64GL - another wall shot

Z64GL - far out zoom

Forth Shot with Jabo's D3D8 plugin to prove it has the same behaviour as Z64GL (D3D Clear works to show this better than Z64GL) showing camera far out zoom when not smacked into a wall -- note the far out zoom:

I suspect this is a core [strike]RSP[/strike] issue as I have replicated this also in 1964 with PJ1.4's RSP, PJ 1.6's RSP, and Z64's hacked PJ 1.4 RSP.
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg Level2.jpg (57.4 KB, 136 views)
File Type: jpg Level3.jpg (57.2 KB, 135 views)
File Type: jpg Level4_Jabo.jpg (85.3 KB, 135 views)

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Thanks for the screens and test background! Yeah, LLE graphics and RSP interpreter is all that's needed.

Why would the issue be with the RSP, though, if the experimental variable in your testing is changing between different RSP emulators? If the RSP was the exact same for all tests, and the graphics plugin was changed every test session with the issue still being there, then it would be more likely that the static variable--the RSP plugin--would control the issue.

I think it's RDP-related since Jabo fixed triangle rendering in most games in build 56 by rewriting the "RDP list parser".
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I just did a run with PJ64 v16 with Z64's RSP (I had to set its core to Interpreter - then it worked). It yeilded the same results, so now I guess it may very well be a core issue. I do not remember why I thought the RSP was wrong over the core (initially I was flipping RSP's in 1964 because PJ64 1.7 would not play.. bad move on my part).

Three emulators - same RSP (we'll say v1.6 because v1.7 does not play with other emus)
1964: Missing menu elements -- the demo's render the far out zoom -- unplayable

PJ1.6: menus renders correct, in game is the same as above
PJ1.7: same as above even with v1.6's RSP (although audio goes bad also)
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