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Lightbulb Questions and Answers

1. What are the best plugins to use?

Generally the best plugins to use with Project64 are the ones already included, regardless of what kind of hardware you have, we recommend starting out with these since they have gone through the most testing in our project. Should you encounter problems, there are a variety of alternative plugins listed in this forum that you may try, however we do not support them and will likely not be able to help you with them. You may discuss them in the "Open Discussion" forum if you like, it is frowned upon to have discussion threads about them here.

2. My Super USB controller adapter does not work right, what is wrong?

The default input plugin in 1.6 has various inconsistencies in scanning input, it's possible that this could cause issues on misbehaved devices or it has pressure-sensitive buttons. The latest 1.7 input plugin should fix most of these problems. For 1.6, some users have found N-Rage's input plugin solves problems with unreliable input devices and pressure sensitive buttons, and others have found better drivers for their device.

3. In the Ocarina of Time, the sub-menu inventory picture for link is missing, what's wrong?

This a known issue that surfaced after release, most users have reported using a resolution that is a multiple of 320x240 (e.g., 1024x768, etc) has resolved this problem. Some graphics hardware may not have this issue.

4. What is a recommended gamepad?

A favorite of ours is Logitech gaming devices, any of them should work, a basic gamepad can be had for as little as 30$ US so there is no sense getting anything cheaper.

5. I've been playing a game and using cheats, anything to worry about?

I would recommend searching the forum for specific details, but it's been widely reported by users that cheats can cause instability in some games, e.g. random crashes that may be leave your game in an unrecoverable state. This may be specific to some cheats and not others, it is unclear at this point. Best practice is if your game has native saving abilities (e.g. SaveRAM, etc) save it frequently.

5. I am having problems configuring my Xbox 360 contoller

I need to write up some of the information here, please search the forum there is a lot of people having both success and problems with these controllers, I will write something up shortly.
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