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Default Thanks to the makers of Project 64

I know this message maybe seen as redundant by some. But I really do thank the makers of Project 64. I never got the chance to play through Banjo Tooie and my search for a cart proved fruitless. Now because of Project 64 I can play that and the other N64 games that I could never find copies of in the stores. When I start working again I hope to help you guys out financially the way you guys have helped me emotionally.
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Yes they have done a great job since the first realease of PJ64 and i have all the versions installed on my computer and since the first realease they improved well made
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Hmm, yeah, it's nice to see a thanks actually, I suppose it'll make the makers happy. Thanks, makers, you're great, great people
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Here's another to thank the creators of this great emu. I am not a programmer, but I deal with a lot of 3D and can only imagine the vast amount of time and effort put into it. Been using PJ64 since the early days and its come a long way!!

Congrats on the birth of your new one, my wife also delivered not too long ago.
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